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simon.mercier59a month ago
Language tagHello, When i search for "Paris" (for example) with "FR" languageCode i got nothing. Wheter I do this in the demo page or in my application. This this a get request from the demo page : GET /v1/geo/cities?limit=5&offset=0&namePrefix=Paris&languageCode=fr What did I miss ? Thanks
wirefreethoughta month ago
You got it! Thanks for helping improve the api.
simon.mercier59a month ago
Thansk ! It works in the demo page.
wirefreethoughta month ago
This fix has been deployed. Please try again.
wirefreethoughta month ago
Ah yes. At some point, I made an optimization to ignore translations where the literal text matched the default English. This is one such case. However, I did not simultaneously update the code to return the default language if the requested one wasn't found. Will update here once the fix is deployed.
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