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Data for Malaysia country mostly not accurate

3 months ago

I want to inform that most of the cities in Malaysia not accurate. For example, if you fetch region “Selangor” (isoCode=10), one of the result you’ll get:

“id”: 3227636,
“wikiDataId”: “Q49108532”,
“type”: “ADM2”,
“city”: “Sandakan”,
“name”: “Sandakan”,
“latitude”: 5.75,
“longitude”: 118.0,
“population”: 0

“Sandakan” is located at “Sabah” but how does it appear under region “Selangor”?

There are lots of misplaced data I found in this API. So, is it really accurate for other countries?

Thank you.

wirefreethought commented 2 months ago

The code was trying to map both the place ISO and FIPS code to the region ISO code, which clearly doesn’t make any sense. The fix was to only map apples to apples (ISO code to ISO code).

baituljannah commented 3 months ago

I have checked randomly and the data seems fine to me. The problem that I stated before also has fixed. May I know why this happens?
If anything comes out wrong, I will let you know.

Thank you very much for your support.

wirefreethought commented 3 months ago

This is now fixed. The fix should correct many other cases as well. Thanks for reporting.

baituljannah commented 3 months ago

Looking forward for this issue to be fixed. I randomly tried country like Indonesia and it appears some of the cities are not in the correct division.
For time being, I’m using this GeoDB Cities data for Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia. I really hope that these data as accurate as possible.

Really appreciate your time to look into this matter. Thanks.

wirefreethought commented 3 months ago

Yes there does appear to be an issue with region mappings in this case. I will have a look in the coming days and let you know when the fix has been deployed.

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