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Word Associations API Documentation

The Word Associations Network API allows developers to embed the ability to find associations for a word or phrase into their mobile apps or web services. Words are grouped by semantics, meaning, and psychological perception. The Word Associations Network API currently supports English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian vocabulary.

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GETWord Associations (GET)

Gets associations with the given word or phrase.


Please register and subscribe to one of available tariff plans to get a valid API key: https://api.wordassociations.net/subscriptions/

Header Parameters
Required Parameters
REQUIREDQuery language. Use language code for the language of the text: de - German; en - English; es - Spanish; fr - French; it - Italian; pt - Portuguese; ru - Russian;
REQUIREDWord or phrase to find associations with. Tip. You can use multiple parameters 'text' in a request (from 1 to 10 inclusive). This way you can get associations for several input words or phrases in one response. Restriction: regardless of the size of the text association lookup is always performed by the first 10 words of the text.
REQUIREDThe value of API key. The API key can be obtained by subscribing to one of available tariff plans: https://api.wordassociations.net/subscriptions/
Optional Parameters
OPTIONALType of result.Possible values: 'stimulus' - an input data (the text parameter) is considered as a response word. The service returns a list of stimuli words, which evoke a given response word; 'response' - an input data (the text parameter) is considered as a stimulus word. The service returns a list of response words, which come to mind for a given stimulus word.
OPTIONALIndentation switch for pretty printing of JSON response.Allows to either turn on or off space indentation for a response.The following values are allowed: yes - turns indentation with spaces on; no - turn indentation with spaces off;
OPTIONALParts of speech to return. Allows to limit results by specified parts of speech. The value of this parameter is a list of parts of speech separated by comma.The following parts of speech codes are supported: noun, adjective, verb, adverb.
OPTIONALMaximum number of results to return. Allows to limit the number of results (associations) in response. The value of this parameter is an integer number from 1 to 300 inclusive.
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