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Bar QR Code Generator Overview

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Data Encoder API

Generate Barcodes and QR codes in bulk. Supports a variety of encoding formats.

Encoding types

Type Parameter
QR code qr_code
Code 128A code_128a
Code 128B code_128b
Code 128C code_128c
Code 25 code_25
Code 25 Interleaved code_25_interleaved
Code 25 IATA code_25_iata
Code 39 code_39
Code 93 code_93
GS1 128 gs1_128
EAN-13 ean_13
Bookland bookland
EAN-8 ean_8
UPC/EAN supplemental, 2 & 5 digits upc_supplemental
Codabar codabar

Output Format

By default the api will respond with a base 64 encoded png and will contain image/png;base64, prepended. To request raw png base 64 data the value raw_base_64 can be passed as the format parameter.

Other supported format paramters

Format Parameter
PNG base 64 png
Raw PNG base 64 raw_base_64
HTML html
SVG svg

Example Request

curl "" \
  -X POST \
  -d "{\"codes\": [{\"type\": \"qr_code\",\"data\": \"\", \"size\": 5}]}" \
  -H "x-encoded-api-key: 493dba15e4cf09536084e337cb5ad55dc3123f9b10b6978246e3e2444f3b60b61ec9e01481de5e16beb21fb3ff6ef2adef30f7747997a727ad0b3eb695f51e65" \
  -H "content-type: application/json"

Example Response

    "png": "image/png;base64,iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAAC0AAAAtAQAAAAASYd83AAAAm0lEQVR4nGP6DwI/mBjAgHzqYO5EBSAlz8J+AEh9urq3ASQn5wBWIgJWwveDGST48NlOByBln7/+AZA66scBEuRsvJAApMSq34DkPp0RWQCk3jqtBimxWRMCErzv0Aui2GougeTeP/MG8XQLY0C8g8U7QDbIfzkB1s6VAnIEgyoHSDvDg6sgo/l+bwfxHvIeB1H2y54kUOBbMAAAw7s3TiFroBUAAAAASUVORK5CYII=",
    "data": "",
    "format": "png",
    "type": "qr_code"

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