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Unplugg Overview


Add forecasting capabilities to your energy products

Unplugg Package

  • Domain: unplu.gg
  • Credentials: accessToken

How to get credentials:

  1. Navigate to https://unplu.gg
  2. Enter your e-mail
  3. Access token will be sent to your address

Custom datatypes:

Datatype Description Example
Datepicker String which includes date and time
Map String which includes latitude and longitude coma separated
List Simple array
Select String with predefined values
Array Array of objects

Webhook credentials

Please use SDK to test this feature.

  1. Go to RapidAPI
  2. Log in or create an account
  3. Go to My apps
  4. Add new project with projectName to get your project Key
Field Type Description
projectName credentials
projectKey credentials


With Unplugg’s API you can request a forecast based on a provided timeseries.
Create a new webhook. You can use our service as webhookUrl:
https://webhooks.rapidapi.com/api/message/Unplugg/forecastCommand/{projectName}/{projectKey} * see credentials description above

Field Type Description
accessToken credentials Your Unplugg access token
timestamp Number Timestamps in Unix time format.
value String Integer or float value for specified timestamp.
callback String Link to which the job payload will be sent
forecastTo String Timestamps in Unix time format (seconds)
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