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The purpose of our API is to automate the use of this temporary mail service by receiving letters from sites requiring confirmation by email upon registration.

Principle of operation:

By requesting the api, create a temporary mailbox.
The domain is selected from the list of our service. Login is indicated either, or randomly generated.
Register on the site where you need to specify an e-mail, indicating the generated email.
With a request to the api, you get a list of messages with the contents in the mailbox in json format.
Process the resulting list by selecting the required information.

The speed of receiving letters, for example from VK, is on average up to 10 seconds. Spam filtering is disabled, no email is lost.

Messages are stored on the server for 1 hour, after which they are deleted automatically.

Get domain list

To create a mailbox, you must first get a list of domains that you can use. This is done in the “Get domain” breakpoint request. In response, you will receive a json with a list of possible domains. Select the desired domain from the list.

Create a mailbox

Specify in the “domain” parameter the domain that you selected in the previous step when requesting the “Get domain list” breakpoint. This parameter is required.
If when generating a mailbox you want to use a specific mailbox login (what is before “@”) - specify this in the “email” parameter. Leave this parameter blank to select a random login.

Get mail content

In the “email” parameter, specify the full name of the mailbox, including the domain (example: email@afeg.ru) - this is a required parameter.

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