Recipe and Ingredient Analysis
By zestfuldata
Updated 4 months ago
Recipe and Ingredient Analysis Overview
Zestful is the simplest way to parse recipe ingredients into beautiful JSON.
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Understand your ingredients

Zestful's ingredient parser API turns plain recipe strings into beautiful, structured JSON data.

Helping recipe app developers

Zestful helps developers understand the recipes their apps manage. Its simple API transforms ingredients from opaque strings to meaningful data in easy-to-consume JSON format.

Flexible data usage terms

Zestful licenses its data with developer-friendly terms:

  • Unlimited data retention
  • No restrictions on resale
  • Zero attribution requirement

Use cases

  • Make your recipes searchable.
  • Build shopping lists for your customers.
  • Create an ingredient database.

API Docs

For documentation of each API parameter and response field, along with code examples, check out our online documentation.


Questions? Please reach out to [email protected], and we'll be happy to assist you.

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