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2 months ago

Hi All

I have been capturing data via this API for the last few regular NBA seasons (Not Including Playoffs) and my primary focus has been specific to Unibet odds:

  1. Home/Away
  2. Home/Away – 1st Half
  3. Home/Away – 1st Quarter
  4. Home/Away – 2nd Half
  5. Home/Away – 2nd Quarter
  6. Home/Away – 3rd Quarter
  7. Home/Away – 4th Quarter

Unfortunately there are 2 unsual things that I have only just noticed.

  1. There seems to be a discrepancy between the number of Half & Quarter odds provided (See Points 2-7) in comparsion to Home/Away (See Point 1).

  2. There seems to be a large number of odds (In terms of points 1-7) that are simply missing … for context, I should now have somewhere in the region of 82-84 odds captured, across all 7 categories for each team. However this is only true for 7 teams (Suns, Jazz, Clippers, T.Blazers, G.State, Kings, Mavericks). On the other end of the spectrum, there are teams such as the Hornets, where I have only managed to gather 46 Home/Away Odds and 32 for each of the remaining categories.

For additional context, I have also started to capture data for Bet365 odds and I am seeing the same pattern starting to emerge relative to the same teams.

Keen to hear peoples thoughts on what this might be ? And if anyone has noticed this too?

See image at https://imgur.com/a/KJcKUyN

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