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Connexun is an innovative tech startup based in Milan, Italy. It was founded to ease cultural integration, reduce information barriers and foster internationalization.

Today Connexun is an AI news engine with long lasting experience and know-how, promoting content and text analysis APIs and proprietary technologies of use to developers, startups, businesses and eventually also consumers. It enables its clients to source in real time multilingual headlines, articles and dynamic summaries extracted from thousands of trusted online news outlets. It serves its clients with proprietary text crawling and classifying technologies.

Connexun also developed B.I.R.B.AL., its artificial intelligent engine used to power its mobile app, to deliver real time news and information to digital cosmopolitans. We continue to augment intelligent tools that leverage the power of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to analyze large datasets of aggregated content.

Check out our recently released “Real-Time Basketball Content” API. It returns present and historical content on basketball from trusted sources worldwide. Our crawler enables our users to be the first to pick up on emerging stories and most relevant information.

Ensure a real-time view into the world of basketball with our solution, or collect historical structured data on the most relevant past stories and events.

Identified by IAB code IAB17-26, the API returns news items which contain topics such as basketball, NBA, WNBA etc. Similar news topics are clustered together.

News will be retrieved in the following languages:

en - English,
es - Spanish,
fr- French,
de - German,
it - Italian,
ru - Russian,
hi - Hindi,
pl - Polish,
uk - Ukrainian,
pa - Punjab

Test our api for free and do not hesitate to reach us out for further information.

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