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Duplicate Food ID entries

Rapid account: Jcoleman 1979
4년 전

Has anyone else discovered that some foods have duplicate food id’s returned but then when you pass the food id in as a parameter then only one food item is returned?

Example: Search for “Steak Filet”

filet mignon, tenderloin steak, beef medallions
100g Cal/C/F/P: 198.00/ 0.00/ 8.32/ 30.70

Search for: food_ajc4znfaefk7bwb1dt3j7bo9ch5u

Beef, loin, tenderloin steak, boneless, separable lean only, trimmed to 0" fat, all grades, cooked, grilled
100g Cal/C/F/P: 198.00/ 0.00/ 8.32/ 30.70

Same Food ID but different Hints.Food.Label values.

Rapid account: Edamam
edamam Commented 일 년 전

Apologies with the “required” parameters. This has now been fixed. As for the original topic of this discussion, some items are variations of other items with the same nutritional values, these items are connected and hence why the IDs return a seemingly different food item.

Rapid account: Movaka 2157
movaka2157 Commented 일 년 전

What do you mean by Required Parameters …

Rapid account: Tzs 007
tzs007 Commented 일 년 전

@mdereje @hanishrathi

sorry for the late reply, I found this topic now.

If you are interested, please read the API documentation for a detailed answer

I mean you can find the answers if you use ctrl+f and find the PROCNT acronym for example. Then you will get the description:

Protein. Unit: g. Input the range which is one of MIN+, MIN-MAX or MAX, where MIN and MAX are non-negative floating point numbers.
See calcium for an example for how to fill in the range.


Rapid account: Mdereje
mdereje Commented 3년 전

wondering what the acronyms in neutrients stand for

   "ENERC_KCAL": 52.0,
      "PROCNT": 0.26,
      "FAT": 0.17,
      "CHOCDF": 13.81,
      "FIBTG": 2.4
Rapid account: Hanishrathi
hanishrathi Commented 3년 전

hey, did you find more results like this or just the one you mentioned…
please share

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