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This API provides delivery information about an email address to aid in email deliverability scores. It also retrieves information about the email address such as type, geographic location, existence of vulgarity, and more.

This API enables the cleansing and categorization of an organization’s email address database asset, including identifying email addresses where the mail server is no longer operable, identifying syntax errors, vulgarities (and likely bogus email addresses), and more. Sending email to invalid addresses can hurt your deliverable scores on behalf of ISPs, eventually relegated your email communication efforts to the spam folder.

In addition, the ability to categorize email addresses by type or geography can also be useful in message personalization.

**Input Parameters: **
Email: Email address to validate and retrieve info for

**Output Parameters: **
Response: Validation information for the email address
Info: Additional information about the type of email address and its validation
IsGovernment: Is this identified as a government email address?
IsEducational: Is this identified as an educational email address?
IsOrganizational: Is this identified as an organizational email address?
IsVulgar: Are there recognizable vulgarities present in the email address?
IsGeneric: Is this email address generic (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.), rather than corporate or organizational email?
Geolocation: Location if geographic information is present in the email address

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