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Generates a numeric code, and sends an SMS with that code to the provided phone number.

Phone Number and App Name (Brand) are required. The rest of the message is auto-generated. Links are not supported in App Names.

Returns the generated numeric code and an unique ID for the message.

The length of the code sent can optionally be defined in the API call.
Alternatively, the actual code sent can optionally be defined.
Please see the documentation for more information.

The purpose and usage of this API is to send an authorization code to a user via SMS that the user can then enter into your application to verify their identity.

To allow a greater range of usage there are several parameters that can be defined when calling the API:

  1. phone - where the sms should be delivered
  2. appName - your application / business / brand name, to be included in the message
  3. code - an optional parameter that allows you to use a code you have already generated for the user
  4. codeLength - an optional parameter that allows you to define the length of the generated code

When calling the API, both phone and appName are required, and will be validated.
If either one is invalid, no SMS will be sent and the API will return a “false” success message.

If code and/or codeLength are not passed over, the API will default to generating a 4-digit code.

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