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Send SMS & text-to-speech voice calls, perform number format lookups, mobile number portability lookups, caller name delivery lookups & home location register lookups. Powered by the SMS gateway since 2003 - get your API key now and get started!

Send SMS

Send a message to multiple numbers and/or contacts at once.

  • Specify a custom sender name with up to 11 alphanumeric or 16 numeric characters
  • Enable performance tracking for SMS marketing purposes
  • Send flash SMS displayed directly on the receiver’s display
  • Set a custom time to live
  • Return a detailed response as text or JSON
  • Set a custom label for creating relationships
  • Set a custom foreign ID which gets returned in callbacks
  • Force unicode encoding overriding the API detection
  • Force UTF-8 encoding overriding the API detectio
  • Specify a custom user data header


Call any number of choice and read a given text out loud

  • Accepts XML and plain text with a maximum of 10000 characters
  • Specify a custom caller ID: choose among our shared numbers or contact us for a own inbound number
  • Contact us for individual expansion with interactive menus, MP3s and much more
  • Setup a webhook to receive realtime status updates of your calls

Phone Number Lookups

Caller ID (CNAM)
Looks up the caller ID name:
{ "success": "true", "code": "100", "number": "+4915126716517", "name": "GERMANY" }

Home Location Register (HLR)
Returns detailed information from the cellular carrier:
{ "status_message":"Success", "lookup_outcome":0, "lookup_outcome_message":"Success", "international_format_number":"491632429751", "international_formatted": "+49 163 2429751", "national_format_number":"0163 2429751", "country_code":"DE", "country_code_iso3":"DEU", "country_name":"Germany", "country_prefix":"49", "current_carrier":{ "network_code":"26203", "name":"E-Plus Mobilfunk", "country":"DE", "network_type":"mobile" }, "original_carrier":{ "network_code":"26203", "name":"E-Plus Mobilfunk", "country":"DE", "network_type":"mobile" }, "valid_number":"valid", "reachable":"reachable", "ported":"assumed_not_ported", "roaming":"not_roaming" }

Mobile Number Portability (MNP)
Checks the mobile number portability status:
{ "success": true, "code": 100, "mnp": { "country": "DE", "number": "+4915126716517", "international_formatted": "+49 163 2429751", "national_format": "01512 6716517", "network": "Telekom Deutschland GmbH (Telekom)", "mccmnc": "26201", "isPorted": false } }

Retrieves number formats in different versions:
{ "success": true, "national": "0163 2429751", "international": "+491632429751", "international_formatted": "+49 163 2429751", "country_name": "Germany", "country_code": "49", "country_iso": "DE", "carrier": "Eplus", "network_type": "mobile" }


Retrieve detailed statistics of your account.

  • Set a custom start and end date
  • Limit to a certain label
  • Limit to main account or certain subaccount
  • Group by date, label, subaccount or country

Delivery Reports

Retrieves the transport status for SMS with the given ID. Possible values:
DELIVERED SMS was successfully delivered.
NOTDELIVERED SMS could not be delivered. Please check the recipient number if necessary.
BUFFERED SMS was sent successfully, but was cached by the SMSC because the recipient isn’t reachable.
TRANSMITTED SMS was sent by the SMSC and should arrive soon.
ACCEPTED SMS was accepted by the SMSC.
EXPIRED SMS was not received before the end of validity.
REJECTED SMS was rejected by the carrier.
FAILED Error while sending SMS.
UNKNOWN Unknown status report.

Pricing Information

Retrieve pricing information as a comma separated values (CSV) or in machine-readable JSON format. You can also specify an ISO country code to narrow down the search to a country of choice.

Read/Delete Contacts

Create, delete, edit and read your contacts for easier bulk messaging. Specifying a contact instead of a phone number. Phone numbers can can change anytime, names rarely do so.

For a detailed documentation check out our SMS HTTP API Documentation.

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