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Hi there,

I’m developping a web application using the Link Preview API. It gathers share data on a list of posts within the page. Right before demoing it to our client, the API stopped working for me and the response I was getting was “User Blocked”. Would you be able to unblock me? I’ve only made 150 requests.

Is there any way to group API calls together so as to not be blocked? Most use cases for this API involve multiple posts on one page and therefore multiple simultaneous API calls.

Sorry if I’m not doing this through the proper channel, I’m unable to find an option to message you directly.


Rapid account: Techengine
techengine Commented לפני 3 שנים

Hi there

Below may be one of the reasons you account is blocked.

a. Creating multiple accounts
b. Sending too many request within a short interval of time under the basic/pro plan. It is recommended that your request count doesn’t exceed 1 per second for basic/pro plan to avoid ban.

To not get blocked/ban please try queuing your requests so that the API isn’t bombarded with too many request.

Your account has been unblocked, please do check it out. Thank you for getting in touch.

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