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Any curl example for POSTing with image upload?

I'm new to Curl. How do I upload an image and call at the same time in Curl?

The following didin't work but it illustrates what I want to do:

curl -i -F name=test -F [email protected] --request POST --header "X-Mashape-Authorization: <my code>" --insecure

Also, I used the insecure option because otherwise curl keeps complaining with the certificate issue.

Thanks for your help!
apicloudresponded with an answer
Hi there!

Thanks for interest in our API!

Here is a working cURL sample for you:

curl --request POST --header "X-Mashape-Authorization: <your code>" -F "[email protected]"

You may also add "-i" or "--include" if you need response headers.

"--insecure" shouldn't really be necessary, we didn't experience any problems with the certificate while testing.

Hope that helps!
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