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Brand Assets

Download official RapidAPI logos and team photos. Please don’t alter these in any way.

RapidAPI Logo Kit

The RapidAPI logo is available in stacked and horizontal versions. We have several color options, including solid blue, solid white, and mixed blue and white.

Team Photos

We have a selection of team photos and leadership headshots available for use.

RapidAPI History

Jan 2015

Company Founded

March 2015

First developers BETA

June 2015

First app built using RapidAPI launches on the App Store

Nov 2015

First version launched

Jan 2016

Joined #500 Startups

Apr 2016

US office opens

Nov 2016

Seed round with a16z, SV Angles

May 2017

Acquired Mashape API Marketplace

Mar 2018

Series A with a16z and SV Angels

Jun 2019

Series B with M12, a16z, Viola, and Grove

Jun 2019

RapidAPI for Teams launched