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By unogs
Updated 4 months ago
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cos71n2 years ago
API Issue (specifically IMDB / Rotten Tomatoes info)Hi, Just want to ask if there is an API issue where IMDB / Rotten Tomatoes info is not present? I checked my site for the past two weeks of new titles and all seems to have no IMDB info. We need this info for our site. Right now I checked 14 new titles and all of them have no IMDB/Rotten Tomatoes info. Can verify if there is currently an issue surrounding it? Cheers.
unogs2 years ago
I'll have to look into some other sources... for now everything I have 'should' be up to date... closing this issue off for now.
Behinder2 years ago
maybe some way to query TMDB instead or tvdb for shows. There is also Trakt.tv that has many netflix shows with correspondent IMDB ID. As far As I know after Fandango took their hand of RT they limited their full API only to serious bussiness partners. Long time ago I wanted to build alterinative to them but don;t know...
unogs2 years ago
Thanks for sending us the list.. all of those are now fixed!
unogs2 years ago
please send us your list: [email protected] and we will make sure they get updated. regarding rotten tomato... the api we used to pull this information has quit providing it so until we find a different API (applied for official RT one but have gotten no response) this information will no longer be provided.
cos71n2 years ago
Hi Admin, Can you provide some titles from June 2017 new releases with good imdb_info? I checked my list from the said month and can't seem to get good or any imdb result. Still getting imdbinfo not found and rtomatoes not found. Let me know. As this greatly affects our sites and users. Cheers.
unogs2 years ago
All, Our IMDB info should now be back up to date. That's not to say its perfect but it should be as good as its ever been. If you do run into any issues are have examples of title which are incorrect. Please let us know and we will get them fixed as soon as possible. Sorry for any issues caused by this blip.
MaFt2 years ago
[commenting on this so I can get alerted to updates]
unogs2 years ago
We have found a few more problems caused by our provider which we are working on... I am re-opening this ticket until we are sure things are sorted.
lifwanian2 years ago
Getting the same issue here. Not getting the IMDB id with new releases makes this API unusable, since there is no way to link movies with our existing database. We currently have 1333 movies we have to manually update the IMDB Id for because of this...
cos71n2 years ago
Thank you. Shouldn't this be put in the Announcement page?
unogs2 years ago
sorry about that... we have been having some issue with mashape notifying us of problems... Anyway, the IMDB issues have been caused by problems with www.omdapi.com where we update our IMDB/Tomatoes information. In addition to general problems with that tool (which we pay for) it looks like Rotten Tomatoes information is no longer part of the service so we are looking for alternatives. Sorry for any inconvenience.
cos71n2 years ago
WOW! 8 days and still no one is answering this query. WOW!
cos71n2 years ago
Hi, Is anybody here? No one is answering my query.
cos71n2 years ago
Hi, Anyone here checking tickets?
cos71n2 years ago
Hi, Just want to follow on my query regarding IMDB / Rotten Tomatoes Info. Cheers.
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