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jmatter3 years ago
New releases: filter by subtitle-languageHi I'm retrieving the new releases with the advanced search (get:new). The subtitle language filter doesn't work on this query, it seems the filter is ignored. This happens on the API but also on the unogs-website. Thanks!
jmatter3 years ago
Works like a charm, thank you very much.
unogs3 years ago
have a look now... I have changed the default to 'and' as you are suggesting... I'll look into adding both functionality in the future but the default will be as you are suggesting. Please test and let me know...
unogs3 years ago
I see what you mean... let me look into it..
jmatter3 years ago
So if I want only movies with English audio AND English subtitle I have to make 2 requests (first: audio = English, subtitle = any; second: audio = any, subtitle = English) and then combine them local? Then I need 2 requests for each query....?
unogs3 years ago
Just search for one or the other it will only do an 'and' if both are the same language...
jmatter3 years ago
Could you implement a new parameter to force the "and" match? For the hearing impaired the subtitle must be English and for the "normal hearing friends" the audio should be English :) That would be really nice!
unogs3 years ago
This is a function of the way the search works at the moment. If you search for audio and subtitle of the same language it looks for titles that match audio 'or' subtitles matching that language not audio 'and' subtitles matching that language. If you search for different languages it does an 'and' for those 2 different languages. I have had several users which requested this as they were looking for any titles which match a particular language for either subtitle or audio.
jmatter3 years ago
Can't see a difference. Here's the query: get:new1-!1900,2016-!0,5-!0,10-!Any-!Any-!English-!English&cl=21,23,22,26,29,33,36,40,44,45,39,337,55,269,267,62,65,67,69,68,268,404,447,348,270,73,34,46,78 Jurassic Park III is in the results, but this movie doesn't have english subs in the selected regions. Maybe the subtitle filter is applied before the region-filter (instead of after)?
unogs3 years ago
this should be fixed now... If not let me know what your specific search criteria is...
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