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By unogs
Updated 4 months ago
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matteo.morreale3 years ago
15/11/2016 Italy update missingHi, i cannot retrieve any data regarding the last update for the italian database. If i change the number of days back (currently on 7) i don't have any data even by chosing a number of days below it, but with 7 days i've new entries from yesterday and the day before, why i don't have data if i choose 3, 4 or 5 days? That's very strange.
unogs3 years ago
nothing has changed... our capture scripts run every 24 hours so depending on when the titles come in it can be up to 24 hours for you to see them. we pull data for all 240 countries, so this is something we cannot do all at once.
matteo.morreale3 years ago
The problem is that every day, even with your url, i get only the new elements from the day before, not the current one. So, even if today we gotta 2 new titles from 11hours, i can't see them and i've to wait for tomorrow to see them shown. Few days ago this does not happens so something must have been changed...
unogs3 years ago
Matteo, It is possible that Italy does not get new titles on any particular day, in which case nothing will show up... Currently there are 9 new titles today as confirmed by the endpoint... Not sure what your expectations are or what you are doing wrong...
matteo.morreale3 years ago
Actually i'm using the one that you gave me, that yes, as i told you works, but only gave me the infos until yesterday, not today, even after many many hours. Another problem is that if i try it in the endpoint, it fails with any number of days except 7.
unogs3 years ago
the url I provided you will work, I have tested it... what url are you using?
matteo.morreale3 years ago
Already using it. Still can't see today's update, even if i test the endpoint (with 4 days in the endpoint test i can't see anything).
unogs3 years ago
try this: api.cgi?q=get:new4:IT&p=1&t=ns&st=adv replacing new4 with new and whatever number of days back you are looking....
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