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By unogs
Updated 2 months ago
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digza2 years ago
Load Episode DetailsHello, Is it possible to specify a country when we use the Load Episode Details request? Because sometimes it seems to use a random country, sometimes none, and i don't get the accurate result for the country i was looking for. (IE "Designated Survivor (80113647)" request gives no specific country and says all episodes available, in France none is available yet) Thanks Sincerely
unogs2 years ago
this should be fixed please wait 24 hours to verify
digza2 years ago
thanks for the answer! have a nice day
unogs2 years ago
This is a known issue with weekly releases and the API.. I will look into possible fixes
digza2 years ago
"France ", "fr", "1 seasons", "2016-11-06", "", [ "1(10)" france returns that. which leads me to assume that 10 episodes are available in France for "Designated Survivor", or only the pilot is and one will become available each week. My question was is there a way to have more accurate information or not yet? Thanks for your time!
unogs2 years ago
This is available through LoadTitleDetails endpoint in the country section of the JSON the episode details are present for each country e.g. "Afghanistan ", <-countryname "af",<-country code "1 seasons", <-number of seasons "2016-09-23", <-date introduced to netflix "", <-date expiring ["1(10)"], <-season 1 10 episodes ["English"], <-audio ["English"],<-subtitles "273" <-uNoGS country code
digza2 years ago
so is there a way (now or in a near future) to get an episode availability in a specific country?
unogs2 years ago
episode details are not country specific, it basically returns all the information we have on a particular titles episodes... So whatever country has the maximum amount that is what it will return.
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