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baksteenmedia3 years ago
New releases endpoint doesn't return today's releasesThe new releases by country api endpoint doesn't return "today's" releases, is this a bug or a feature? :)
baksteenmedia3 years ago
Maybe i can take some off your plate by building an other API so you dont have to maintain this on :) What's your used scraping technique, what is the approach?
unogs3 years ago
I meant let me know when its done... I have quite enough on my plate right now. good luck!
baksteenmedia3 years ago
Yes i would love to, can we discuss this on skype chat my user is hetcms I markt this bug ticket als private so nobody else can read it
unogs3 years ago
I'm sure Netflix would love that... But if you are planning on writing your own, please let me know... maybe I can use your API instead!
baksteenmedia3 years ago
Interesting, maybe you can crawl every hour? Consider using
unogs3 years ago
no.. the timestamp is when i pick them up. I do not have a direct hook into netflix so there may be up to a 24 hour delay on titles.
baksteenmedia3 years ago
Yes, yesterday it seemed there were no releases on 1 februari, thats why i stated: The new releases by country api endpoint doesn't return "today's" releases It returns todays releases but the timestamp seems not correct, is this fixable?
unogs3 years ago
so you don't actually have a real problem with the API you have a problem with the date stamp?
baksteenmedia3 years ago
Maybe this is the problem: Today 2 februari there are many titles in the feed with release date 2 februari, but they are released on 1 februari
unogs3 years ago
please provide me with a specific title that is not showing up
baksteenmedia3 years ago
Is it correct that "globally new" titles are not included in the new titles per country api endpoint? This is strange since they are released in that country also?
unogs3 years ago
closing ticket as there has been no response in 10 hours
unogs3 years ago
What title is missing exactly? As far as I can tell there were no new titles in the US today.!1900,2016-!0,5-!0,10-!Any-!Any-!Any-!Any&cl=78,&st=adv&ob=Relevance&p=1 the 2 you see here are just changes in seasons which are global and not new titles...
baksteenmedia3 years ago
unogs3 years ago
Can you be more specific? I checked Brazil for example and I am seeing any new titles, Pushing Tin for example.
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