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erroid3 years ago
searching issueI can't see a field for title in searching request - it also does not return the list of countries movie is available. Can I search just by title + year and get the movie (or list of movies) with counties in which it are available. I want to write a browser extention that links movie sites with netflix and gives user a link to netflix (if it's available in their region) or display a message that movie is available on netflix BUT in another region.
unogs3 years ago
closing as I assume my comment cleared up any confusion
unogs3 years ago
1. Put your title in the 'query' parameter to return titles matching it. 2. There is a range for the years (syear,eyear) which if you make them both the same it should narrow down to just 1 year. 3. You need to use Load Title Details in order to get the countries a title is available in.
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