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By unogs
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MaFt2 years ago
Weekly EpisodesHow frequently are the 'weekly episodes' lists updated? Are these a daily update or just 'as and when'? E.g. once 'Orphan Black' finishes and it's no longer being released weekly will it be removed from the list or stay on? Also, shouldn't "Chelsea" be on there? ID: 80049872)
unogs2 years ago
closing ticket as issue was just a query
unogs2 years ago
the database refreshes every 24 hours... starts around 03:00 GMT and finishes around 16:00 GMT The way i monitor if a show is 'weekly' is if there are episodes listed which are not 'available' according to the API. If chelsea does not follow this model then it would not show up.
Behinder2 years ago
Good point. I would llike to know also on what time database is refreshed in Warsaw Time Zone :)
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var unirest = require('unirest');

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