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Market, manage, and monetize your API on the world’s largest API marketplace.

Simple and Fast Integration

  • Simple UI

    Use a simple UI to add your endpoints and parameters in minutes or upload a swagger spec.

  • Interactive docs

    RapidAPI automatically generates interactive docs letting users test your API right from a browser, and begin consuming it with a single click.

  • Code snippets

    Code snippets in multiple languages speed up integration of your API with user’s apps.


Authentication and User Management Included

  • Secure

    RapidAPI authenticates every API request so you don't have to worry about it.

  • Convenient

    Each user gets a single, multi-API key enabling quick setup and convenient management.

  • User management

    Get the insight to manage your API like a product and track performance with detailed analytics.

Monetization and Developer Reach

  • Billing and invoicing

    Define pricing plans on RapidAPI. We will take care of invoicing and billing your customers globally.

  • Flexible pricing

    Use a model that’s best suited to your API: subscription or pay-as-you.

  • Unlimited calls

    Scale to unlimited users or API calls at no additional charge.


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API Providers Love RapidAPI

RapidAPI helps thousands of APIs acquire users and monetize.

“Our partnership with RapidAPI makes it easy for developers to test and deploy the FullContact platform.”

-Kory Cunningham, ‎Product Manager, Developer API, FullContact

“The marketplace is a one-stop shop for learning about, testing and deploying solutions that help enhance digital experiences and applications.”

-Shikhir Singh, Director of Product Innovation, Telesign

“We are delighted to partner with RapidAPI to extend our reach further through our travel API, making travel planning and booking as easy as possible.”

-Hugh Aitken, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Skyscanner

“We’ve partnered with RapidAPI to help developers limit the time spent on cleaning text data and maximize the time spent on building amazing machine learning models.”

-Chris Greenough, CEO, Dialex

Showcase your API to a global audience

  • 500,000+
  • Billions
    of API calls/month
  • 175
    Countries and regions

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