Meet the Team

We have a rapidly growing team with diverse
backgrounds and perspectives who are excited to make
APIs accessible and easy to use for developers around
the world.

Meet the Team!

Cameron Bernard

Sr. Demand Generation Manager

Tamar Noy

Quality Assurance Specialist

Gordon Lewis

Head of Recruiting​

Asaf Yehezkel

Full Stack Developer

Omri Peleg

Full Stack Developer

Nicole Bloss

Head of Brand Design

Dima Poleacov

Teams Squad Leader

Suzanne Panoplos

Head of Marketing

Stephen Fontana

Enterprise Account Executive

Elena Batura

QA Engineer

Robert Poulsen

Assistant General Counsel & Director of Operations

Shai Yahav

Full Stack Developer

Regev Azriel​

Enterprise Management Squad Leader

Steve Valencia

Growth Product Manager

Omri Maman​

Full Stack Developer​

Srivatsan Srinivasan​

Vice President, Product​

Mirit Kampf​

Operations Manager​

Muli Golan​

Senior Data Engineer​​

Anthony Prem​

Product Manager​

Jacob Davidov​

Full Stack Developer​

Orly Osipov​

HR Recruiter​

Chris Elsmore​

Enterprise Account Executive​

Ido Hengel​

Full Stack Developer

Lakshman Mody​

Product Manager​

Sasha Pesic​


Eliran Suisa

Full Stack Developer

Brian Wu​

Head of SEO​

Iddo Gino

CEO & Founder​

Michael Rozman​

Senior Full Stack Developer​

Andrey Bukati​


Itay Laufer​

DevOps Engineer​

Kelsey Mullins​

Developer Content Marketer​

Paul Szatkowski​

Account Specialist​

Daniel Shlenin​

Full Stack Developer​

Alex Walling

Head of Developer Relations

David Ilievsky​


Dor Shtaif

Full Stack Developer​

Leanne Shepel​

UX Design Lead​

Nofar Rorlich

Office Manager

Steven Merlino​

Account Specialist​

Sawyer Hulme

Account Specialist

Eran Raskansky

Full Stack Developer

Angela Liu

Technical Customer Support Specialist​

Roey Kudra

Full Stack Developer

Shlomi Ozon

Full Stack Developer

Colin Capobianco

Vice President, Sales

Vitaly Zautner

Senior Backend Developer

Crispen Maung

Head of Information Security and Compliance

Shai Lev​

VP of Customer Success and Professional Services​

Amir Ben Ari

Billing & Analytics Squad Leader

Kelly Schalow

UX Design Lead

Eran Be'eri

QA Engineer

Michael Gustus

Full Stack Developer

Andrew Dunn

Director of Customer Success​

Nofar Makover

Talent Acquisition Manager

Aaron Qayumi​

Director of Product Marketing

Jo Mariano

Office Manager & Executive Assistant

Michael Kutz

Full Stack Developer

David Darby

Senior Sales Engineer​

Avi Arviv

Full Stack Developer

Sean Assis

Full Stack Developer

Saagar Kurani

Product Manager – Enterprise Management

Adir Zoary

Full Stack Developer

Albert Fang

SEO Specialist

Stephen Sarkisyan

Full Stack Developer

Idit Oryon

Head of Partnerships

Omri Eyal

Full Stack Developer

Ron Gimpelevich

DevOps Engineer

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