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Millions of developers find and
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Advanced Testing Capabilities for Modern Software Development

Create and manage comprehensive API tests from development to deployment

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Your development teams, partners and customers can discover and connect to your APIs — all from a single, next-generation API Platform. RapidAPI’s Enterprise Hub is an internal API Marketplace that is customized to match your company’s brand, integrates seamlessly with internal systems and tooling, supports all of your APIs, and can be deployed as a cloud-based service, on premises, and across multi-cloud environments.

The World’s Largest
API Marketplace

Millions of developers make the RapidAPI Marketplace their number one destination for finding and connecting to thousands of public APIs — using a single SDK, API key, and dashboard.

Functional API Testing and Monitoring for Developers and Enterprises

As microservices and APIs become more prevalent in new software development, testing and validating these APIs is increasingly important to ensure the quality of your software.

RapidAPI Testing is an API testing and monitoring solution for easily creating and managing comprehensive tests from development to deployment.

Support for Multiple API Types and Advanced Capabilities

API Types Advanced Capabilities


Use of aggregating multiple data sources into one API. Popular APIs supported: GitHub, GitLab, Yelp, AniList, Shopify, and more


Use this popular API Type for web applications and projects that are flexible, scalable, and fast


Use to handle and process data streams and ingest/move large amounts of data quickly (coming soon)


Use to fetch, combine, and aggregate data from multiple APIs and databases in a single call


Use for transactions that involve multiple calls or applications


Search for APIs, test APIs, and compare them based on latency, uptime, and popularity


Mitigates/Significantly reduces the OWASP Top 10 Security Risks


Support for all standards and API types (OAS, GraphQL, etc.)


Understand/Manage how your organization uses internal & external APIs


Grant authorization to only those users/team members you want to access your APIs


View documentation and test APIs easily


Brand with your company’s logo, colors, messaging, login, etc

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