RapidAPI Client VS Other HTTP Clients

Mon Oct 03 2022

2 min read

Recently RapidAPI launched a new product called RapidAPI Studio, a fantastic tool for developers dealing with APIs.

Along with it, RapidAPI Client, the VS Code extension, was also launched. Many features in this extension are not present in any HTTP Clients, including Postman, Insomnia, etc.

It is very easy to install RapidAPI Client for VS Code.

Step 1

Open your Visual Studio Code Editor and click on the Extension's icon on the VS Code sidebar to open the Extension’s marketplace. You can also press CMD + SHIFT + X to open it if you are on Mac. For Windows, it will be CTRL + SHIFT + X. After that, type RapidAPI Client in the search bar.

Step 2

Now click on the install button. It will take a moment; afterward, you will see the RapidAPI icon in your VS Code sidebar, and you’re done.

RapidAPI Client VS Other HTTP Clients

  • While testing APIs, we often have to leave VS Code and head over to other API Clients. This jumping between programs wastes time. With RapidAPI Client Extension, you can test APIs quickly without leaving VS Code and call APIs using a dedicated tab.
  • This extension makes testing local and online APIs inside VS Code easy and simple.
  • Now you don’t have to worry about changing the theme of your VS Code editor for this extension to work correctly. RapidAPI Client supports and adapts its design to your VS Code theme.
  • The environment variables option lets you add your secret keys without worrying about compromising security.
  • With this extension, you can generate code snippets in multiple languages.
  • This extension lets you automatically generate types and interfaces in Python, TypeScript, Swift, etc.

Wrap up

RapidAPI Client is a VS Code extension that is now available for you to use. Go ahead, install it, and start testing your APIs right inside your code editor. If you want to learn more about it, we have also written a complete guide about it that you can find here.