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Learn AsyncAPI

AsyncAPI is an Open Source initiative that exists to improve Event-Driven Architectures.

What is Event-Driven Architecture?

What is Event-Driven Architecture?

In an Event-Driven Architecture, a system reacts to an event and sends an acknowledgment. In this type of architecture, a system generally sends a response when an event occurs.

An Event-Driven Architecture contains the following parts:

PublisherThe application that sends the message
Message brokerAn intermediate infrastructure responsible for facilitating the sending of a message from the Publisher to the Subscriber
SubscriberThe application that receives the message sent by the Publisher
MessageA piece of information that is sent to all the interested Subscribers from a Publisher via the Message broker
ChannelsThe Message broker sends the message to the Subscribers via multiple channels

What is an AsyncAPI?

What is AsyncAPI?

AsyncAPIs work on the principle of Event-Driven Architecture (EDA). In AsyncAPIs, multiple Subscribers can subscribe to a Publisher. When an event occurs, the Publisher can notify all the Subscribers via the Message broker.

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Example of an AsyncAPI

The following component shows an example of how an AsyncAPI works.

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