Rapid's API Hub for Business

Thu Mar 23 2023

9 min read

Rapid has launched its API Hub for Business, a customizable hub that allows developers to manage, monetize and share their APIs externally their APIs by launching their custom hub in minutes.

As a developer, you know that managing and monetizing APIs can be a challenging task. With so many APIs available today, having a branded experience is crucial that bringing all your APIs and developer tools together in one place. That's where Rapid's API Hub for Business can help.

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The Need for a Customizable API Hub

Rapid has launched its API Hub for Business, a customizable hub that allows businesses to launch their custom hub in minutes, allowing them to share their APIs externally and monetize them. Rapid’s API Hub for Business provides companies with a unique hub that supports every API protocol and every API type, enabling them to drive developer engagement and monetize their API programs effectively.

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Features of the Rapid's API Hub for Business

Rapid's API Hub for Business provides a dedicated space where you can manage and promote your APIs. This means you can focus on developing your APIs while Rapid handles the API management process. The platform also offers complete ownership of the payment process, allowing you to monetize your APIs easily.

Complete Control over API Monetization

One of the developers' most significant challenges is managing the payment process for monetizing their APIs effectively. Traditionally, developers have had to rely on third-party payment processors, which can be time-consuming and costly. Rapid's API Hub for Business solves this problem by allowing you to use your Stripe account to manage payments, eliminating the need for a third party in customer transactions. This means you can focus on developing your APIs and driving developer engagement.

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Customizable and Unique

Another problem developers must improve is promoting their APIs to a broad audience. Simply creating and listing an API isn't always enough to drive engagement. Rapid's API Hub for Business helps you stand out from the crowd by providing a customizable API hub that allows you to promote your APIs effectively. You can tailor the hub to your specific needs with precise branding and customization, including your company logo and colors, all in your domain. This enables you to enhance your brand, experience, and discoverability in search.

Effortlessly Manage APIs with Rapid's API Hub for Business

As a developer, managing APIs can be challenging, especially when setting usage limits and access controls. Rapid's API Hub for Business offers an intuitive user interface that makes configuring APIs a breeze. With Rapid, you can easily manage your APIs and control the API management process, including payment management.

Configure Usage Limits and Role-Based Access Controls

Rapid's API Hub for Business enables you to configure usage limits and role-based access controls, giving you complete control over your APIs. You can limit the number of requests per day. The data returned per request and the rate of requests. With Rapid, you can ensure that your APIs are used efficiently and fairly. Additionally, you can define access controls based on user roles, ensuring that only authorized users can access certain APIs.

How you can create your custom hub using Rapid's API Hub for Business

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Selecting the appropriate Business Hub Tier and creating the private hub

First, you need to create an account on the Rapid API Hub here. If you already have an account, you can log in. Once you log in, you will be able to view the pricing tiers for the API Hub.

Next, you will need to select the tier that you want. Once you choose a tier, you must enter your payment information.

Next, you can use similar details from RapidAPI.com.

Next, you will need to confirm your details, agree to Rapid's terms of service, and click on Confirm Payment.

Once your hub is set up, you will be redirected to your new private hub.

You can follow the steps on the onboarding popup guide to set up your private hub.

Setting up the Stripe integration

You can integrate Stripe with your private hub from the Billing tab in the sidebar. Click on Connect to Stripe and enter your Publishable Key and Secret Key to connect to Stripe.

You can also verify the status of your connection from the Connection Status.

Setting up theming and branding of the hub

You can customize the look and feel of your hub from the Theming and Language tab on the sidebar.

From this page, you can configure the logo and favicon of your hub. You can also modify the colors of different sections of your hub. Finally, you can also update the content of your hub like the title tags. You can also check out your hub's look preview based on your customizations.

Refer to our theming documentation for step-by-step guidance on customizing your hub.

Adding APIs to the hub

You can add API projects from the My APIs tab on the navigation.

Click on Add API Project and enter the details of your project. Once you are done entering the details, you can import your data from an API spec (OpenAPI), Postman Collection, GraphQL Schema, or Kafka.

Setting up subscription plans for your APIs

After your data is imported, you can view the Hub Listing tab. From here, you can modify the API project that you just created.

You can click the Monetize tab to set up your API project's Public and Private plans.

Click on Edit next to the plan you want to modify and set up the details as necessary. Click on Save Changes once you are happy with the plan.

Making the APIs public

You can now add a Base URL for your API project from the General tab and request review by an admin to make your API public.

You should be able to view a new dialog stating that your API project is awaiting approval.

Once your request is approved by an organization admin, the above dialog will get updated and state that your API project is now public.

You should now be able to view the new API project on your hub.

Setting up the custom domain for the hub

You can set up a custom domain from the Settings tab. Click on Begin set up after entering your custom domain.

The setup process will generate a certificate and hostname record. You must set up the certificate and hostname TXT records on your DNS provider with the details provided on your screen.

Once you enter the above information, enter the CNAME record on your DNS provider.


After creating the CNAME record, click Enable custom domain. A verification process will then be initiated to confirm the successful creation of the record, which may take a few moments. Once the verification process is complete, the custom domain will be enabled and ready to use. Your hub will now be live on your custom domain.

You can check out our documentation for API Hub for Business if you need more information.

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API Hub for Business offers a range of pricing options that cater to the diverse needs of businesses, from small startups to midsize companies on the rise. The flexible pricing model comes in three tiers, allowing organizations to choose the plan that suits their requirements. Additionally, those who sign up during the public beta phase can benefit from a complimentary 30-day trial period. More information about the pricing tiers can be found on this page.

Managing APIs can be challenging, but with Rapid’s API Hub for Business, developers have a customizable and effective tool for managing and monetizing their APIs. With complete control over API monetization and a customizable hub that drives engagement and adoption, Rapid’s API Hub for Business is a must-have tool for any developer looking to monetize their APIs effectively.