The Modern API Stack

Mon Mar 27 2023

8 min read

APIs have become integral to the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in today's software development landscape. As the demand for seamless integration between applications and services has increased, a Modern API Stack is required.

The shift in how software companies work has created a demand for a modern API stack. The number of API requests has increased exponentially, resulting in a need for a scalable and reliable solution. With new API standards such as REST and GraphQL, there is a demand for a platform that supports the latest technologies. In addition, the deployment structure has changed from private cloud to containerization with Docker and Kubernetes. These changes have brought about the need for a modern API stack to support the latest technologies and deployment methods.

Furthermore, there is a growing interest in partner-facing applications and APIs. This interest has resulted in new business models centered around API monetization. Companies are now generating revenue by selling and monetizing their APIs. This shift has created a need for API governance, security, and standardization.

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Rapid's API Hub

Rapid's API Hub is a game-changer for developers because it provides them access to a vast library of APIs from different API providers all in one place. This saves developers a significant amount of time and effort that would otherwise be spent researching and integrating various APIs into their products. With over 40,000 APIs available on Rapid's API Hub, developers can find and connect to the correct API for their needs quickly and easily.

Moreover, Rapid's API Hub offers a range of features that can help developers streamline their workflow and make their development process more efficient. These features include tools for testing and code generation. Developers can also use Rapid's API Hub to monitor their API usage and performance, ensuring their products run smoothly.

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With millions of developers using Rapid's API Hub daily and billions of API calls being processed monthly, it is clear that Rapid's API Hub is a valuable resource for developers worldwide. Its popularity is not limited to individual developers either, as even tech giants like Google and Microsoft use Rapid's API Hub to offer their official product APIs to consumers.

Rapid's API Hub for Enterprise

Rapid's API Hub for Enterprise offers a range of features that help organizations manage their APIs efficiently throughout their lifecycle. Developers can design their APIs, publish them or discover new APIs based on their requirements. API administrators can set up API Governance and monitor their APIs.

Rapid's API Client extension for VS Code

Rapid's API Client VS Code Extension is an essential tool for developers who need a seamless testing experience. With this extension, developers can enjoy a fully functional HTTP Client integrated directly into their Visual Studio Code editor. This powerful extension brings API testing right to where developers feel at home, allowing them to test their APIs without leaving their code editor.

One of the most impressive aspects of Rapid's API Client VS Code Extension is its slick design and user-friendly interface. The extension is easy to use, and it covers all the basics of API testing, including sending HTTP requests, handling responses, and inspecting the results.

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The Generational Shift in API Technologies

APIs have significantly changed in recent years, with companies now monetizing and selling their APIs to generate revenue. However, scaling has become problematic, leading to discoverability, security, and governance issues. This shift has led to a growing scale of the API problem, and API standards are diverging.

V1 API TechnologyV2 API Technology
Scale10s of APIs100s – 1,000s of APIs
StandardsREST & SOAPREST, SOAP, GraphQL, gRPC, Kafka, etc.
DeploymentDatacenter / Private CloudDC, Cloud, K8s, Service Mesh, Serverless
GatewayCentralized API GatewayMultiple API Gateways
ConsumersInternal AppsInternal apps, Partners APIs, Customer APIs and more
Access ControlBasic Access ControlsComplex Access Controls
Business ModelN/ADirect Monetization

API Types Maturity & Adoption

Companies are now more open to using cutting-edge technologies like GraphQL, Kafka, and AsyncAPIs, based on their requirements. These technologies offer more flexibility and scalability, which is necessary to address the challenges of the modern API landscape.

Multi/Hybrid Cloud Reality

Companies use different technologies to deploy their APIs, such as serverless and mesh networks. This shift has been driven by greater scalability and flexibility and the desire to reduce costs and improve performance.

Externalizing APIs

The share of developers building partner-facing APIs has more than doubled, indicating a growing trend toward externalizing APIs. This shift is driven by the need to build ecosystems of developers, partners, and customers around APIs and the ever-increasing importance of API monetization. More and more companies are working on API monetization models to generate additional revenue streams.

Publish & Monetize - Rapid's API Hub

Publish & Monetize is another critical component of the Modern API Stack, and Rapid's API Hub addresses this need. The API Hub offers thousands of public APIs, and developers can easily find and connect to the APIs they need. The API Hub also provides developers with features to help them during their product development workflow. Rapid offers an Enterprise version of the API Hub that provides advanced features like API governance, analytics, and monetization.

The changes in the API landscape have led to the emergence of new technologies, deployment models, and business models. Companies need to adapt to these changes to stay competitive and take advantage of the opportunities offered by APIs.

The Modern API Stack

The Modern API Stack is designed to address the challenges of the new paradigm in software development, where APIs are vital components. As discussed earlier, the scale of the API problem is growing, and companies are generating revenues by monetizing and selling their APIs. Therefore, there is a need for a modern API stack that can address issues related to scalability, discoverability, security, governance, and monetization.

At Rapid, we design our modern API stack using three personas: API Builder, API Consumer, and API Admin.

API Builders are concerned with designing, building, deploying, testing, publishing, monetizing, and analyzing their APIs, which is the most common persona. Around 86% of large enterprises are setting clear guidelines for setting up their API Design process.

At Rapid, we built tools like Rapid API Studio to help you in your API Design process. Rapid API Studio enables API Builders to design APIs quickly and easily by providing an intuitive interface and powerful tools. With API Studio, API Builders can design APIs using OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, or GraphQL specifications.

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Rapid's API Client VS Code is another critical component of the Modern API Stack, and Rapid's API Client VS Code Extension fulfills this need. The extension brings a fully functional HTTP Client to VS Code, making API testing right where developers feel at home. It covers all the basics of API testing, is full of exciting features, and helps developers browse through API responses, generate API calling code snippets, and more.

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API Testing is essential to ensure that APIs work correctly, and Rapid API Studio provides a testing environment where developers can test their APIs quickly and easily. API Studio makes it easy to simulate API calls and test the API's behavior in different scenarios.

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API Consumers are concerned with discovering, evaluating, integrating, and monitoring the APIs.

API Admins are responsible for governing and reviewing APIs and setting standards.

The Modern API Stack is a collection of tools and services that address the challenges of the new paradigm in software development. The stack consists of API Design, API Build, API Testing, and Publishing & Monetize components.


APIs have seen significant changes over the past few years. Companies are now generating revenue by monetizing and selling their APIs, and there are problems with scaling, discoverability, security, and governance. To tackle these issues, a modern API stack has emerged, which includes API design, build, testing, publishing, and monetization. Rapid has been at the forefront of this movement, offering a comprehensive platform for API builders, consumers, and administrators. With Rapid API Studio, API Client VS Code Extension, API Hub, and its Enterprise version, developers have access to many tools and features to build, test, publish, and monetize their APIs efficiently.