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Axios vs. Fetch: What to use for Making HTTP Requests?

Getting data from APIs is a fundamental operation of any web application. Both Fetch and Axios are widely used for making HTTP requests to APIs. Let's see how they differ and how we can use them.

How to fetch data from APIs using React Query?

React Query is a library that provides a set of React hooks for data fetching. It makes data fetching easier with features like caching, re-fetching, revalidation, etc. This guide will demonstrate how to use it.

How to Manage API Calls in React Applications?

React is the most popular front-end JavaScript library. This guide will describe the different ways you can use to manage API calls in your React applications.

A Guide To Learn Fetch API

Fetch API is an async web API that returns the API data in the form of promises. In this piece, let's look at how you can use Fetch API in your web apps.

4 Ways to Fetch Data from a GraphQL API in React

GraphQL APIs are a tad bit different from other types like REST in implementation. Let's go through four ways we can use GraphQL APIs in React.