RapidAPI Guides: Short and long form API Development content with interactive examples.

Rapid’s First API Week 2023

Last week, we organized API Week at Rapid to engage with our developer community. In this piece, let’s look at what the whole week was about and the impact it created.

2022 State of APIs. What developers are saying?

More than 850 developers took part in State of APIs 2022 and contributed valuable insight. In this piece, we will discuss each of these insights in detail.

A deep dive into RapidAPI Client for VS Code

RapidAPI VS Code extension brings a fully functional HTTP Client to your VSCode. In this piece, let’s take a critical look at this extension.

Everything you need to know about RapidAPI Studio

RapidAPI Studio provides an integrated UX to build, consume, and govern APIs. In this piece, let’s look at everything you need to know about it to get started.

22 Developer Problems Solved by RapidAPI in 2022

API development is broken and chaotic. But you can improve API Development by using the right API Dev Tools. Let’s see how RapidAPI solves 22 API Developer problems in 2022.

Ten Interesting Web App Ideas That Use APIs

APIs are a fundamental part of the web, and there are countless APIs providing access to all kinds of data for web applications. This guide will cover some interesting Web projects for your portfolio that use APIs, and every project includes a demo and a how-to guide.

API Caching with HTTP Headers

HTTP offers multiple headers for cache management of APIs. Learn how to use them properly in this guide.

Developing coding ideas via RapidAPI

Ideas for Programming Projects: How to Come up with Them and How to Use RapidAPI to Save the Day

Build & Publish a Chrome Extension via RapidAPI

This guide teaches you how to create a simple Chrome extension using RapidAPI, which integrates multiple APIs into your project.

How to call APIs using Axios in TypeScript?

TypeScript extends JavaScript and provides additional features like interfaces and types. In this piece, we will learn how to call APIs in TypeScript using Axios.

Using GitHub's CoPilot to Construct a Health DAO

To create a DAO, host it, and monetize it, we will study how to use RapidAPI Hub.

VS Code extension replaced Postman (Build, Test & Sell APIs on RapidAPI)

This guide will walk you through setting up the RapidAPI Client, using it to test our APIs, and then diving into the RapidAPI Studio, which is in constant sync with the RapidAPI Client.

Test And Secure Your APIs With RapidAPI

Finding your API vulnerabilities and taking measures against them is essential otherwise you app can suffer. In this piece, let’s learn how RapidAPI can help you test and secure APIs.

Automate API Testing With RapidAPI Studio

API development and testing go side by side. This guide will demonstrate how to create automated tests for your APIs using RapidAPI Studio.