Ahmad Bilal

Ahmad Bilal

Bilal is a Full Stack web engineer and developer advocacy enthusiast who advocates for API development on the Rapid Learn Platform. He loves contributing to open source and curating developer content.

Best Practices for REST API Development

Developing a REST API requires adherence to best practices to ensure that the API is scalable, maintainable, and secure. Here are some key practices.

API Caching with HTTP Headers

HTTP offers multiple headers for cache management of APIs. Learn how to use them properly in this guide.

Automate API Testing With RapidAPI Studio

API development and testing go side by side. This guide will demonstrate how to create automated tests for your APIs using RapidAPI Studio.

How to Create a Custom Axios Instance?

Axios allows us to create new instances with custom configuration. This guide will demonstrate how to create a custom instance with Axios.

How to Test GraphQL APIs in VSCode — RapidAPI Client

When working with a GraphQL API, we need to query and test it to ensure it is running as expected. Let’s see how to do that in VSCode using RapidAPI Client.

Five Things Developers Love About RapidAPI VSCode Client

With over 50k installs within two months of launch, the RapidAPI VSCode Client is quickly becoming developers’ favorite. Here are the top five things developers love about it.