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Develop APIs Using JavaScript, Python, and PHP

Let's learn how to quickly develop API using JavaScript, Python, and PHP and test them while in development using the RapidAPI Client for VSCode.

How to make POST Requests with Axios in JavaScript?

Axios is an HTTP client that lets you make API requests. This guide will demonstrate how to make POST requests with Axios.

Build five simple web apps using five different APIs

As a beginner, we can use APIs to build different web applications. APIs will provide the data, and we can render it on the screen. Let’s do that in this piece.

How Can a Genome NFT Be Minted?

Learn how to mint an NFT and in-depth examine the procedure utilizing the RapidAPI and polygon side chain of the Ethereum blockchain.

How to use Axios with Async/Await in JavaScript?

Axios is a promise-based HTTP client that lets you handle asynchronous HTTP requests. This guide will demonstrate how to handle these requests through async/await.

API Testing Tools by RapidAPI changing the developer workflows

API testing tools by RapidAPI offer features like alerts, no context-switching, etc., that make them unique. Let’s see how these tools are improving developer workflow.

Learn how to use APIs and do API testing

Become familiar with REST, CRUD, HTTP, and APIs, and properly test any APIs before use or development.

What is an API Gateway? Features of the RapidAPI Gateway

The API Gateway is an API proxy that sits between client and server, performing functions like authentication, routing, rate limiting, monitoring, and more.

10 API Problems Solved by RapidAPI Client

You face different problems when building APIs. It can be during development or testing. Let’s look at how RapidAPI Client helps you solve these problems.

Employing GitHub Actions and RapidAPI for API Testing

A short course to learn about RapidAPI Testing, which provides a full API testing solution with integrated GitHub Actions integration.