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How to get data from an API in JavaScript?

Learn to get data from API in JavaScript using different methods, such as built-in web APIs like fetch or XMLHttpRequest or third-party libraries like Axios.

Build five simple web apps using five different APIs

As a beginner, we can use APIs to build different web applications. APIs will provide the data, and we can render it on the screen. Let’s do that in this piece.

API Integration Developer Workflow with RapidAPI

API Integration tools by RapidAPI provide everything you or your team need to work with APIs. Let’s look at these tools and how they help with API integration.

Learn how to use APIs and do API testing

Become familiar with REST, CRUD, HTTP, and APIs, and properly test any APIs before use or development.

What is an API Gateway? Features of the RapidAPI Gateway

The API Gateway is an API proxy that sits between client and server, performing functions like authentication, routing, rate limiting, monitoring, and more.

10 API Problems Solved by RapidAPI Client

You face different problems when building APIs. It can be during development or testing. Let’s look at how RapidAPI Client helps you solve these problems.

Employing GitHub Actions and RapidAPI for API Testing

A short course to learn about RapidAPI Testing, which provides a full API testing solution with integrated GitHub Actions integration.

Integrate, Build, & Sell APIs: All in One Short Course ($$)

Discover what an API is and how to use Rapid API to integrate, create, and sell APIs to make money.

A deep dive into Hub Listing of RapidAPI Studio

RapidAPI Studio offers three major features. One of them is Hub Listing, where you can manage your APIs and make them more secure. Let’s take a look at it.

Earn a Passive Income by Monetizing APIs as a Developer

Learn how to create and market your APIs to make money as a developer.