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A deep dive into Rapid API Client VS Code Extension

Rapid's API Client VS Code Extension brings a fully functional HTTP Client to your VS Code. In this piece, let’s take a critical look at this extension.

Ahmad AwaisSaad Irfan

Everything you need to know about RapidAPI Studio

RapidAPI Studio provides an integrated UX to build, consume, and govern APIs. In this piece, let's look at everything you need to know about it to get started.

Build an AI wallpaper generator app using Rapid and OpenAI

Building AI apps can be easy if you know where to start. In this guide, we will build an AI wallpaper generator from scratch using RapidAPI Client, Hub, and OpenAI.

How RapidAPI helps developers authenticate APIs?

There are multiple API authentication methods available. In this piece, let’s look at which API authentication methods are supported by RapidAPI.

How to participate in Hacktoberfest 2022 with RapidAPI?

RapidAPI is partnering with Digital Ocean to bring Hacktoberfest to you. Read this piece if you want to learn ways of how to win swags from RapidAPI this year.

How to get data from an API in JavaScript?

Learn to get data from API in JavaScript using different methods, such as built-in web APIs like fetch or XMLHttpRequest or third-party libraries like Axios.

Build five simple web apps using five different APIs

As a beginner, we can use APIs to build different web applications. APIs will provide the data, and we can render it on the screen. Let’s do that in this piece.

API Integration Developer Workflow with RapidAPI

API Integration tools by RapidAPI provide everything you or your team need to work with APIs. Let’s look at these tools and how they help with API integration.

What is an API Gateway? Features of the RapidAPI Gateway

The API Gateway is an API proxy that sits between client and server, performing functions like authentication, routing, rate limiting, monitoring, and more.

10 API Problems Solved by RapidAPI Client

You face different problems when building APIs. It can be during development or testing. Let’s look at how RapidAPI Client helps you solve these problems.

A deep dive into Hub Listing of RapidAPI Studio

RapidAPI Studio offers three major features. One of them is Hub Listing, where you can manage your APIs and make them more secure. Let’s take a look at it.

Earn a Passive Income by Monetizing APIs as a Developer

Learn how to create and market your APIs to make money as a developer.

Manage Full API Lifecycle With This One Tool

API lifecycle struggles with fractured tools and workflows. RapidAPI Studio fixes this by offering the only tool you need for complete API Lifecycle Management.

How to use the API client inside RapidAPI Studio?

The API client inside RapidAPI Studio is an online API testing tool that has everything you may need to debug APIs. Let's learn more about it in this piece.

How To Use RapidAPI Client for VS Code and RapidAPI Studio to Test APIs?

RapidAPI Client is a high-performant API testing extension for VS Code, whereas RapidAPI Studio is an all-in-one API development toolkit. Let’s look at how to test APIs with them.

RapidAPI Hub – The Next Generation API Platform

RapidAPI Hub has over 35000+ public APIs that you can use in your applications. It supports over 40+ different API calling code snippets. Let's take a look.

How to use RapidAPI Client for VS Code to test APIs?

RapidAPI VS Code Extension is a powerful HTTP client that works inside VS Code. In this piece, we will look at how to use it to test APIs.

Generate API call snippets using RapidAPI Client for VS Code

With RapidAPI Client for VS Code, you can quickly generate API call code snippets in 16 different languages inside VS Code. Let’s look at how you can do it.

Auto generate interfaces from API response using RapidAPI VS Code Client

Interfaces help developers enforce type checks on the data received in the API response. Consequently, the code quality and readability are also improved. However, instead of creating them manually, you can use the RapidAPI VS Code Extension to generate them automatically.

API development in TypeScript using RapidAPI VS Code Client

TypeScript is the superset of JavaScript that offers type-checking to avoid issues related to types. The RapidAPI VS Code extension allows you to test and call APIs in TypeScript easily without leaving VS Code.

Replace API clients with the RapidAPI Extension for VS Code

While testing APIs, we often have to leave VS Code and head over to other API Clients. This jumping between projects wastes time and productivity. With the new RapidAPI Extension, you can test APIs quickly without leaving VS Code.

Test Your APIs With RapidAPI Testing

API Testing is crucial especially when you plan to monetize your APIs. Let’s look at how RapidAPI Testing helps us write extensive API tests for our APIs.

RapidAPI Provider – Your Go-To API Management Platform

RapidAPI Provider is an all-in-one API Management Tool that helps you from monetization to securing your API. In this piece, let’s take a deep look at it.

How to publish a GraphQL API on RapidAPI Hub?

RapidAPI Hub is home to over 3 million developers. This piece will guide you through the process of publishing a GraphQL API on RapidAPI Hub.

API Security With Rapid

Rapid provides high level security by enforcing policies in runtime and protecting against runtime attacks.

How to build your own API and publish it on RapidAPI Hub?

In this piece, we will learn how to build a simple API using Node.js, deploy it on Heroku and then publish it on RapidAPI Hub to earn money from it.

A Deep Dive Into Your API Page of RapidAPI Hub

In this piece, let's have a deeper look into the RapidAPI Hub API page. We will understand the purpose of each section and when to use it.

How to use APIs from RapidAPI Hub using JavaScript?

There are millions of APIs on the internet that you can use. This piece will help you to learn how to use any API from RapidAPI Hub in JavaScript.

How to add any API on RapidAPI Hub?

You can publish any public API on RapidAPI Hub. In this piece, let’s look at what steps you need to take to publish an API under your name on RapidAPI Hub.