Replace API clients with the RapidAPI Extension for VS Code

Mon Jul 25 2022

3 min read

While testing APIs, we often have to leave VSCode and head over to other API Clients. This jumping between projects wastes time and productivity. With the new RapidAPI Extension, you can test APIs quickly without leaving VSCode.

Drawback of Standalone API Clients

Whenever we are developing with APIs, we need to test them for various reasons, such as trying to see the shape of the API response, see if the API is working as expected, etc. We have to leave our VSCode workspace and head over to other API clients to do this testing. There is time lost while opening and setting up these clients, and it hurts the flow of our work.

Enter RapidAPI VSCode extension. Now, you can test APIs quickly within your VSCode, and we find it to be a significant productivity boost.

RapidAPI VSCode Client

With this extension, RapidAPI has brought API testing right where you feel at home. The extension has a neat design and covers all the basics of API testing.


Here is a quick rundown of its features:

  • Call APIs using a dedicated tab.

  • Test local and online APIs from VSCode.

  • It supports and adapts its design to your VSCode theme.

  • Environment variables.

  • Generate code snippets in multiple languages.

  • Automatically generate types and interfaces in Python, TypeScript, Swift, etc.

Let's quickly cover how to install it.


There is nothing out of the ordinary about installing the RapidAPI extension in VSCode. Open your VSCode. Press CMD/CTRL + SHIFT + X or click on the Extensions icon on the VSCode sidebar to open the Extensions Marketplace. Search for RapidAPI and select the first one.

Click on the Install button. Once installed, you will see the RapidAPI icon in your VSCode sidebar. Click it open.

As you can see, it opens a familiar GUI-based API client like the ones we have seen in Paw, Postman, Insomnia, etc. Let's quickly test an API with it.

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Testing an API

Click on the "+" button to create a new request. We will use the JSON Placeholder API for this quick test. So, add in the URL field and choose GET as the method. Click the Send button. It will make an API request and show the results to you. You will see the results in the response tab like this:

Wrap Up

There you have it. Now you know how easy and efficient it is to test and call APIs without leaving VSCode. What's next? Get started by installing RapidAPI VSCode Client, find an API from RapidAPI Hub and enjoy working on APIs without leaving VSCode.

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