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A deep dive into Rapid API Client VS Code Extension

Rapid's API Client VS Code Extension brings a fully functional HTTP Client to your VS Code. In this piece, let’s take a critical look at this extension.

How to use RapidAPI Client for VS Code to test APIs?

RapidAPI VS Code Extension is a powerful HTTP client that works inside VS Code. In this piece, we will look at how to use it to test APIs.

Generate API call snippets using RapidAPI Client for VS Code

With RapidAPI Client for VS Code, you can quickly generate API call code snippets in 16 different languages inside VS Code. Let’s look at how you can do it.

Auto generate interfaces from API response using RapidAPI VS Code Client

Interfaces help developers enforce type checks on the data received in the API response. Consequently, the code quality and readability are also improved. However, instead of creating them manually, you can use the RapidAPI VS Code Extension to generate them automatically.

API development in TypeScript using RapidAPI VS Code Client

TypeScript is the superset of JavaScript that offers type-checking to avoid issues related to types. The RapidAPI VS Code extension allows you to test and call APIs in TypeScript easily without leaving VS Code.

Replace API clients with the RapidAPI Extension for VS Code

While testing APIs, we often have to leave VS Code and head over to other API Clients. This jumping between projects wastes time and productivity. With the new RapidAPI Extension, you can test APIs quickly without leaving VS Code.