Five Things Developers Love About RapidAPI VSCode Client

Mon Sep 26 2022

4 min read

With over 50k installs within two months of launch, the RapidAPI VSCode Client is quickly becoming developers’ favorite.

We have been receiving very encouraging feedback about the new RapidAPI VSCode extension from our developer community. So, we decided to round up some of their favourite things about it.

If you are unaware of the RapidAPI VSCode Client, here is a quick overview.

What is RapidAPI VSCode Client?

RapidAPI Client brings a full-featured HTTP Client to your VS Code. It is a VS Code extension to help you work on APIs without leaving your favorite code editor. So it streamlines API development for you no matter where you are in the development cycle, without ever switching context to another tool.

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With that said, let’s see why developers find it remarkable.


When developers are working with APIs and writing code, they need multiple windows open for their code editors, IDEs and API clients. And when it is time to test and debug API endpoints, they have to switch back and forth between them. So, time is lost while opening and setting up these clients, which hurts their workflow.

Enter RapidAPI VS Code Client. Now, you can test, debug, and develop APIs from within your VSCode. Developers love it because it saves their productive time and allows them to work on APIs without switching contexts.

Type Generation

Another developer-favorite feature of the RapidAPI Client is the interface and type generation. It can automatically generate types and interfaces for an API response, making type enforcing super easy. It currently supports TypeScript, Swift, and Python types.

Interfaces help developers enforce type checks on the data received in the API response. Consequently, the code quality and readability are also improved. Creating types from scratch can be a time-consuming hassle, which is the reason developers love this feature.

One-Click Requests From Clipboard

Got an API URL in your clipboard? Then you can use the RapidAPI Client to create a request from the clipboard automatically. Even better, If you have a cURL command copied, it will generate a request with the method, headers, and body already populated for you.

Often, developers are working with multiple API endpoints, and creating a new request for each endpoint consumes a lot of time. This is where the clipboard feature comes in handy, and developers can follow the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) principle.

Environment Variables

RapidAPI Client allows you to create and manage different environments for your APIs. Developers can set environment variables and use them for multiple use cases like request parameters, using a request’s response for a subsequent request, etc.

Most developers work with at least two environments in their projects; production and staging. Therefore, they appreciate the ability to switch between environments smoothly.

Intuitive UI

Together with the intuitive user interface, which is very easy to get started with, the RapidAPI extension for VSCode also supports all VSCode themes. Change the theme, and it will match it with full syntax highlighting from the theme.

Our developers' community appreciates that they can interact with APIs in VS Code with their favorite theme and syntax highlighting.

Final Note

RapidAPI intends to improve the developer experience for API development by meeting developers inside the tools they are already using. RapidAPI VSCode Client is a product built with the same intent. Join 55k + developers by installing it and change the way you work with APIs.

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