Ten Awesome Free APIs For Your Projects

Thu Apr 14 2022

4 min read

APIs are a fundamental part of the web, and there are countless APIs providing access to all kinds of data for web applications. This guide will cover some awesome Free APIs for your projects.


The Application Programming Interface (API) is like a middle man, connecting two sides; a waiter takes your order and brings you food. It is a channel that applications utilize to talk with each other. You put some information at one end, and the API takes that information and gets back with a result.

An API lets one application use the capabilities of another system. This means that if you want to build an e-commerce application, you can concentrate on building only your product. You can use the API of different applications for payments, billings, authentication, etc.

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Today APIs are on the rise, and applications are centered around the APIs they consume. You heavily rely on them to get the required resource from the Internet. But it often becomes difficult to find an API that is perfect for your need but does not break the bank.

Here are some interesting free APIs that you can utilize for your projects. All of them include free plans that do not require any paid subscription.

1. Alpha Vantage

The Alpha Vantage API is a comprehensive Finance API with a vast set of available options. It provides data about stocks, Forex, technical indicators, digital, and cryptocurrencies. You can use it for your finance-related projects.

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2. BraveNewCoin API

The BraveNewCoin API is another finance API, but it specializes in cryptocurrencies offering latest and historical data. It has a free plan that allows up to 200,000 requests per month.

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3. WeatherAPI

If you are looking for weather data, the WeatherAPI has got you covered. It has a long list of options to choose from, including weather forecast, historical weather, time zone, and geolocation. Its free plan allows a sufficient 1,000,000 requests per month.

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4. Google Translate API

The Google Translate API allows you to detect and translate languages without compromising on performance. You can use it free for up to 500 requests per month.

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5. GeoDB Cities API

The GeoDB Cities API is a Geodata API offering information about cities, countries, and regions. You can utilize it for multiple use cases, and it also has a free plan with a limit of 1000 requests per day.

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6. WordsAPI API

The WordsAPI API is a complete solution to any requirement that involves words, their definitions, synonyms, rhymes, pronunciation, syllables, frequency of usage and relationships between them. It has a free plan allowing 2500 requests per day.

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7. Hotels API

If you want to create a travel, booking, or hotel application, you can use the Hotels API. It lets you search and get details about hotels from all over the world. Its free plan allows 500 requests per month.

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8. LiveScore API

The LiveScore API is a go-to API for getting news, leagues, and matches of sports like football, basketball, tennis, cricket and more. You can use it to create your own sports application.

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9. Flight Radar API

Want to track international flights? The Flight Radar API is an exciting flight tracking API with a free subscription allowing 500 requests per month.

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10. Movie Database Alternative API

The Movie Database Alternative API is an excellent API for your movie or streaming applications. It offers movie-related data like title, year, rating, release date, runtime, genre, directors, writers, actors, and whatnot.

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We hope this guide helped you find some excellent free APIs. Head over to RapidAPI Hub for thousands of APIs like these.