10 Music APIs To Build Music Apps

Fri Apr 01 2022

4 min read

There are thousands of APIs available on the internet in a particular category. The best part is the number is so huge that you do not need to worry about whether you will find the appropriate API. The worst part is there are thousands of them.

These APIs can help you build different applications to put on your résumé. All you need to do is find one and start using it. And for this, the RapidAPI Hub is the best part to begin. It is home to over 35000+ APIs of 45 different categories. You can visit it to find weather, text, travel, sports APIs, etc. The APIs here are divided into three categories, i.e., free, freemium, and paid. The freemium APIs are accessible to a specific limit. Afterward, you have to pay for them.

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In this piece, let’s look at the top 10 music APIs on the RapidAPI Hub that you can use in your projects. So without any further ado, let’s jump in!

Genius - Song Lyrics API

It is a freemium API that provides song lyrics, artists, albums, knowledge, and more. It was updated last month. The API has a popularity of 9.5 out of 10, a latency of 747ms, and a 100% service level. The API provides many different categories of endpoints. If you want to try it out, all you need is to subscribe to its free version and start using it.

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It is another freemium API that provides access to millions of songs, podcasts, artists, albums, playlists, charts, and more. This API also provides a category of endpoints and has excellent statistics like 100% service level, 696ms latency, and popularity of 9.8 out of 10.

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50k Radio Station API

This API provides 60,000 radio stations from different countries and different genres. It has four endpoints to get data related to countries, cities, etc. It is a freemium API with a service level of 97%. It offers four pricing packages from which you can choose and use the API.

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TheAudioDB API

This API is a community-driven database of audio metadata. It provides an easy way to access the most accurate sources of Music data worldwide. The API provides multiple categories of endpoints to get album details, artist data, track data, etc. It is a popular API with a 9.6 rating and provides two pricing plans.

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Shazam API

It is another freemium API that provides both simple endpoints and a category of endpoints. You can use this API to identify songs and discover artists, lyrics, videos, and playlists to create a song detector application. It is pretty popular with a 100% service level. The API provides four pricing plans, among which one is free.

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Radio World - 50,000 Radios Stations API

The API helps you listen to more than 50,000 radio stations worldwide in real-time. It provides you with six endpoints to help you get the top radio stations by country. The API has a latency of 543ms and has a 9.7 popularity rating.

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Shazam Core API

It’s another freemium API that defines a song for you by uploading a file. It provides three categories of endpoints, i.e., artists, tracks, and charts. It offers four pricing packages from which you can use select the basic one if you want to try it out. The API has a 100% service level so far.

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Genius API

This API fetches song lyrics for you. It is extremely popular, with a 9.9 popularity rating. The API provides you with four endpoints that can be used to get the songs of a particular artist, search songs, song, and artist information. It’s a free API. So use it right out of the box.

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