A Next-Generation API Platform for Healthcare Services

APIs Provide Interoperability Across the Healthcare Ecosystem

APIs are at the heart of modernization initiatives, especially in healthcare where they enable providers, patients, payers, and third-party services to connect to applications and systems and share data. APIs serve two main functions in healthcare: connecting physicians/healthcare providers with patient data more easily and rapidly and streamlining healthcare operations.

Standardization efforts such as Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources or FHIR have further accelerated API adoption and usage by providing a specification or framework for exchanging healthcare information electronically.

APIs provide interoperability across the healthcare ecosystem, enabling systems to collect, centralize and report health data in a single patient record, connect to insurance companies to determine coverage or payment, share physician-reported data across multiple providers, access medical research data, coordinate provider staffing, and more.

The Right Platform -
RapidAPI Enterprise Hub

To find, connect to, and manage the APIs used in healthcare more efficiently, a platform is needed to serve the needs of providers, payers, patients, and other third-parties. RapidAPI Enterprise Hub is a next-generation API platform designed to address the needs of modern-day APIs. RapidAPI Enterprise Hub can be branded and customized as an API “healthcare” marketplace used to discover and connect to internal APIs, as well as external API subscriptions. Additionally, RapidAPI’s Enterprise Hub can be used as an external “healthcare” marketplace, enabling third-parties to also find and connect to your APIs.

The white-labeled API Hub:

  • Integrates seamlessly with internal systems
  • Supports all of the provider’s APIs
  • Works with any API gateway or management system
  • Deploys across multi-cloud environments
  • Provides a dedicated dashboard for managing APIs and ensuring data security, compliance, and adherence to SLAs

Use Case: RapidAPI’s Internal Enterprise API Hub Enables a Many-to-Many Model

As healthcare development organizations grow and split into multiple teams, they form “software silos” with each group responsible for a specific product or technology.

An Internal APII Hub provides a centralized location for the various teams to find, manage, and connect to all APIs — using a single key and SDK. An API Hub is branded with a provider’s identity and enables organizations to create new efficiencies, accelerating the software development process.

RapidAPI Enterprise Hub:

  • Provides a white-labeled, API marketplace
  • Offers a private API Hub to discover and connect to internal APIs, as well as API subscriptions
  • Enables developers to publish their APIs
  • Delivers management capabilities that enable enterprises to govern and manage API consumption with enhanced visibility and control

Use Case: External, Branded Enterprise API Hub for Collaboration with Third-party organizations

Providers can offer third-parties access to key APIs using RapidAPI’s API Hub as an external healthcare marketplace. Through the branded API Marketplace, providers can collaborate with third-parties to create new efficiencies and more integrated solutions.

RapidAPI Enterprise Hub:

  • Provides a white-labeled, enterprise API marketplace
  • Enables companies to create a monetization strategy for their APIs
  • Creates a centralized external marketplace that third-parties can use to securely find, manage, and connect to the APIs you designate — all using a single key and SDK
  • Delivers management capabilities that enable you to govern and manage API consumption with enhanced visibility and control