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AI Text Shortener App

This example will help you build a full-stack AI app using React, Next.js, and Rapid's API Hub.

AI Wallpaper Generator App

Building AI apps can be easy if you know where to start. In this guide, we will build an AI wallpaper generator from scratch using RapidAPI Client, Hub, and OpenAI.

Title Case App

Your headings need to be properly title-cased to differentiate them from normal text. In this piece, let’s build a small application just for this.

Crypto News App

Today, APIs exist that provide all kinds of Cryptocurrency data. We will use one of these APIs in this guide to build a web app that shows the latest Cryptocurrency news.

Weather app

Building a simple weather app is a great way to start learning web development. Let’s do just that in this piece using an API from RapidAPI Hub.

US zipcode info app

You can get a lot of information from an area’s zip code. Instead of looking it up on the Internet, we can build an app for it using an API from RapidAPI Hub. In this piece, let’s do just this and build an app to get the information associated with a zip code.

URL shortener app

Simple and fast tool to create a shortened URL making it easy to remember and share. Built using URL Shortener API.

UK restaurant app

If you are from the United Kingdom, you would want to know the restaurants in your district. In this piece, we are building a small web app just for this using an API from RapidAPI Hub.

Translation app

Translate text from English to 10 languages

Trademark app

Today, we will be building a web application that will allow users to look up trademarks and check the availability of a trademark keyword.

Word Usage App

You often find yourself on a search engine if you are not a native English and want to understand how you can use a word in a sentence. In this piece, let's build an app that will show us how to use a certain word.

Topic generator app

Keywords and topics are required to rank your article on Google. In this piece, let’s build a small app that will suggest topics and keywords for our article.

Text Case App

There are different letter cases like the camel case, pascal case, kebab case, etc. In this piece, let’s build an app to convert text into different cases.

Time App

When working remotely, we often need to know from which timezone someone is working. And if you have a global team, you often find yourself looking up different timezones to schedule a meeting. In this piece, let’s build a time app using an API from RapidAPI Hub and Next.js.

Weather news app

We often want to have a single news site for on particular topic. In this piece, we will use an API from RapidAPI Hub to build a weather news site.

Text summarizer app

Sometimes, too long text can cause information overload, and we may want to summarize it into a concise, easy-to-digest piece. Using a Text Summarization API, let’s build an application around this use case in Next.js.

Text sentiment analysis app

Sometimes you want to analyze what the content you are writing sounds like. You can build an application for this. So, let’s do just that in this piece.

Text extraction app

Sometimes you only want to see the content of a particular website. Maybe you are reading, and you don’t want to get distracted by ads or other parts of the website. Let’s build a text extraction application in this piece.

Superhero app

Are you a Marvel enthusiast or a DC lover? Are you also a developer who likes superheroes? Let’s build an app together using an API from RapidAPI Hub where people can search for their favorite heroes.

Streaming availability app

The content offered by streaming services varies from region to region. Sometimes it gets frustrating when the content you are looking for is not available at your streaming platform. Let’s build an app that will show the availability of movies or TV shows across streaming services.

Sports app

There are many sports-related APIs on RapidAPI Hub, which you can use to create a full-fledged sports application. Let’s build a Football Application using one of these APIs.

Stocks app

To buy or sell stocks, you need to stay up-to-date with their rates. In this piece, let’s build an app that will provide different stock information.

Spell checker app

You often have to write detailed documents at work. They can be proposals, guides, some documentation, etc. You need to ensure that you are not making any spelling errors in such important documents. Let’s build a spell checker app in this piece.

Spam checker app

The Spam Check API on RapidAPI Hub allows us to check any text content for spam. You can use it before sending emails to make sure they dont land in the spam folder. In this guide, we will build a Spam Checker application in Next.js using this API.

Sentence generator app

In this piece, let’s build a sentence generator app that will provide you with a complete sentence by first taking a few words from you.

Screenshot app

Screenshot APIs from RapidAPI Hub allows you to take automated, high quality and full-page screenshots of a target website. This guide will demonstrate how to create our own Screenshot App using an API.

Recipe app

The Spoonacular API on RapidAPI Hub allows users to access thousands of recipes and food-related information. This guide will demonstrate how you can build an app using this API.

Real estate app

Realty API from RapidAPI Hub offers an extensive set of details about real estate properties in the USA. This guide will demonstrate how to create our own Real Estate App using the API.

Random user generator app

When you are developing an application, you have to implement user authentication. Instead of creating all the data yourself, you can build a small app that can generate fake user data. So let’s do just this in this article.

Random facts app

In this piece, I am going to show you how you can build a small random facts application in this piece using an API from RapidAPI Hub and Next.js.