Convert Webpages to PDFs Automatically by leveraging RapidAPI Hub

Fri Mar 31 2023

4 min read

Have you ever wished you could automatically convert webpages into PDFs and make money while doing it?

Well, it's possible, and in this guide, we'll explore how you can do it using the software.

Do you regularly use "control P" to save as a PDF? What if you could do that automatically and make five grand a month using the software? This guide will show you how to make money by converting web pages into PDFs.


PDFShift is a site that converts webpages into PDFs. It's a straightforward process that can be automated. PDF Shift's Stripe-verified revenue is $7,000 a month, and they charge $25 for 2,500 monthly credits or monthly conversions.

PDFShift Pricing

On their pricing page, they charge approximately $24 for 2,500 monthly conversions or monthly credits. Each conversion costs approximately one cent. Consequently, based on their revenue, they convert approximately 700,000 web pages to PDFs each month.

Leveraging APIs

You can convert webpages to PDFs for pennies using APIs like the one provided by RapidAPI Hub. You can utilize multiple other APIs on RapidAPI to fulfill orders.

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Web Renderer

The Web Renderer API is an affordable API option to consider. The cost to the company using PDFShift is only around one cent per conversion, which means we can use it to convert at a fraction of that cost.

This allows us to sell the conversions for a much higher price, similar to buying a product at a discount and then selling it at a premium on a different platform, like purchasing clearance items at Walmart and selling them for a higher price on Amazon.

RapidAPI Hub offers multiple other APIs as well, including the URL to PDF PNG or JPG API, which costs $2 for 10,000 requests. While it's unclear how much each request would cost, many affordable alternatives are available to satisfy the print-as-PDF orders you're receiving.

Before utilizing an API to fulfill orders, the crucial step is to acquire those orders in the first place. So, the question arises, how can you attract and obtain customers?

Getting Customers

To get customers, you can target developers. PDF Shift's founder posted on Stack Overflow, a forum for developers, to get his first customers. He answered questions and slyly pitched PDF Shift.

Aside from Stack Overflow, where developers prefer to hang out, you can also find developers on forums, and they have answered numerous questions similar to this one. Indeed, there are additional forums where you can find developers, such as forums such as

In other words, even if you are the founder, you can write a post explaining how to do something and then add, "Hey, here's my tool, and you can use it." So that's another illustration. Simply put, find out where your target audience hangs out and then create helpful content for them.

If your product offers a genuine solution to a problem, it's a no-brainer to promote it by posting about it. By doing so, you're addressing the question and providing a solution to their issue.

Whether you want to create an entire infrastructure to convert web pages into PDFs or use a simple API, it's an easy tool to develop, and you can offer both a free and paid version. Promoting it involves discussing it in various forums and groups where developers congregate.

Wrap up

Converting webpages into PDFs is a simple way to make money automatically. You can fulfill orders at a fraction of a penny using APIs, and by targeting developers, you can get your first customers.