Create a simple SaaS tool using APIs and earn profit every day

Mon Feb 27 2023

4 min read

Today, APIs are so powerful that you can create a tool for any use case by finding an appropriate API for it. In this guide, we will do the same.

We will demonstrate how to earn up to 50$ per day by creating a simple google scraping SaaS tool which can group valuable SEO keywords using an API.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords are specific words and phrases strategically placed throughout a website's content. They enable the content to appear higher in search engine results, allowing users to find the site more easily.

Compiling a comprehensive list of relevant keywords is, therefore, one of the most crucial steps in any successful SEO campaign. Using an API to scrape live Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) data, you can develop a SaaS (Software as a Service) tool that clusters and categorizes SEO keywords. You can easily monetize this tool, making it a potential source of your passive income.

An example SEO SaaS tool

KeyClusters is a website making over $ 1500 a month by grouping keywords for clients. It uses Google SERP data to detect URLs that rank for comparable keywords.

All you need to do is upload a CSV file of keywords from a keyword research tool like Ahrefs or SEMRush, or a custom file into their tool. It then runs every keyword through Google, analyses the top ten ranking pages, and groups keywords together that have three or more of the same pages in common.

Within a few minutes, it gives you an Excel file with all keywords clustered into topical groups like this:

These keywords are a valuable resource for businesses looking to improve their SEO strategies.

Making your own keyword grouping tool

Creating a similar tool from a technical standpoint is straightforward and doable. Even if you lack extensive coding experience, you can build a comparable interface using templates or no-code tools. You can then scrape Google and identify the required keywords using an appropriate API.

Using Google Search API from RapidAPI

We can find multiple APIs on the RapidAPI hub to gather SERP data from Google in real-time. One of them is the Google Search API available on the RapidAPI hub.

With only $9 for 10,000 searches, this API is substantially less expensive than KeyClusters, which charges $59 for the same number of keywords. By opting for higher plans, you can reduce the cost even further.

Thus by using this API, you can build a robust tool at a significantly reduced price, which can be marketed to a broad audience seeking to improve their SEO strategies. This offers a promising opportunity for generating good profits.

Marketing your tool

Acquiring customers for such SEO tools can be a straightforward process. Numerous SEO forums and groups are readily accessible on social media platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, and LinkedIn. To effectively showcase the capabilities and value of your tool, you can create an engaging and informative pitch video, which can be posted on these platforms.

Further Improvements

We can add more features in our tool, which could enhance its success compared to its competitors. Rather than solely providing the option to download the CSV output file, which may prove inconvenient for some users, you can make your tool’s output viewable within the app itself. This can significantly enhance the user experience.

You can also add the option to show the top-ranked article and domain. Finally, you can attract a more extensive client base by offering a more competitive pricing plan than its competitors.

Wrap Up

So what are you waiting for? Think of an idea, find the API for it, and put in a little effort to create software that helps people and makes some extra money at the same time.