What are External APIs?

Wed Apr 13 2022

2 min read

APIs allow the interaction of one application with the other efficiently and are widely used in web applications. APIs have different types: Public, Private, etc. An External or Open API is an API designed for access by a larger population as well as web developers.

APIs can make the life of a developer very easy. External APIs provide a great amount of versatility. Let’s take a look at it.

External APIs

External APIs are designed as per the needs of the external partners and third-party developers. The whole API publishing process is done on an external API portal, accessible to external partners and third-party developers. It is also termed as a Public or Open API and is available for use by any outside developer or business. Internal developers can use External APIs as well. External APIs make an organization's data and services easily accessible around the world and help developers create new applications. These APIs enhance partner business opportunities. These Public APIs generally require API Keys and security tokens to access them.

Benefits of Using External APIs

Let’s take a look at a few benefits of using an External API.

Use of Third-Party Services

External APIs allow organizations to use third-party services with greater power. This ensures a better user experience, enabling businesses to attract a larger audience. These APIs allow organizations to improve their services.

More Efficiency

By using External APIs, developers can save a lot of time and it opens doors to a range of innovations. The use of External APIs promotes innovation allowing organizations to create and offer more solutions.

Provides Best Results Without Much Technical Knowledge

Organizations can use External APIs to achieve their targets without having to know all the technical knowledge. These APIs allow the organizations to connect different applications that they need to use easily.

Traits of Good External APIs

Before choosing an External API, make sure to consider the following points that make that API best from the lot:

  • Opt for the API that offers good documentation of how it works.
  • External APIs with efficient technical support are considered best.
  • A good External API needs to be consistent for the code quality to be high.

Wrap Up

As the main use of an External API is to attract developer interest, so they need to be engaging for developers to want to use them. That’s pretty much about External APIs. Learn about Internal APIs in this guide.