Put API Development at Ease With RapidAPI Client for VS Code

Tue Aug 02 2022

3 min read

RapidAPI VS Code extension brings a full-featured HTTP Client to your VS Code. Let’s discuss its features that help you build, consume, and test APIs.

RapidAPI launched RapidAPI Client, a VS Code extension to help you work on APIs without leaving your favorite code editor. It streamlines API development for you no matter where you are in the development cycle, without ever switching context to another tool.

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What Does RapidAPI Client Offer?

Let’s look at the features that RapidAPI Client offers to API developers.

Call APIs From VS Code

Whenever we are developing with APIs, we need to test them for various reasons, such as trying to see the shape of the API response, see if the API is working as expected, etc. We must leave our VS Code workspace and head to other API clients to do this testing. Time is lost while opening and setting up these clients, which hurts our workflow. Enter RapidAPI VS Code Client. Now, you can test APIs quickly by sending requests from within your code editor.

Create Projects And Sync Them With Cloud

The RapidAPI VS Code extension lets you create projects for managing your API requests, and you can sync these projects with RapidAPI and its online API client OctoPaw. Hence it is easier to stay in context even when moving between tools, and a developer's updates on one platform are instantly updated and reflected on the other.

Generate Types & Interfaces From API Response

A great thing about the RapidAPI Client is that it can automatically generate response types for you. We use types to enforce type checking and make the API call more readable and easy to use in applications. Once you have received the response to an API request, you can generate TypeScript, Swift, and Python types/interfaces for the response.

Generate API Request Snippets

You can also generate code snippets for implementing API requests in your applications. The RapidAPI extension automatically generates code snippets in 40+ languages.

VS Code Theme Support

RapidAPI Client supports all VS Code themes. You can interact with APIs in VS Code with your favorite theme and syntax highlighting. Change your theme, and the Client will match it with full syntax highlighting.


RapidAPI Client allows you to create and manage production and staging environments for your APIs. You can set environment variables and use them as parameters during API testing.

One-Click Requests From Clipboard

Got an API URL in your clipboard? Then you can use the RapidAPI Client to automatically create a request from the clipboard. Even better, If you have a cURL command copied, it will create a request with the method, headers, and body already populated for you.

Wrap Up

Are you ready to change the way you work with APIs? Get started by installing RapidAPI Client For VS Code, find an API from RapidAPI Hub, and enjoy working on APIs without leaving VSCode.

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