What is RapidAPI Client?

Wed Nov 03 2021

2 min read

While developing APIs, you need to test them to ensure they are working as they should be. This testing helps to make your APIs more reliable. You can then put your APIs on RapidAPI Hub where they will be accessible to millions of developers, and you can also monetize them if you want.

RapidAPI Hub provides you with a product that you can use to test your APIs and make them more performant. Let’s take a look at it.

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RapidAPI Client

RapidAPI Client is an API testing product developed by RapidAPI that provides you with all the right tools you need for API testing. It provides an intuitive UI that you can use to debug, test, and interact with HTTP APIs. This accelerates the API delivery and improves the user experience.

RapidAPI Client supports all types of API including REST, SOAP, GraphQL, etc.


Let’s take a look at some of the features of the RapidAPI Client.

Intuitive UI

RapidAPI Client provides intuitive UI that helps you to create and run different API tests quickly. It supports code snippet generation and has a custom JSON editor with a native JSON schema report. It also provides text completion and migration of API calls from cURL and postman.

Easy to Use Workflow

You can use RapidAPI Client for testing any kind of API. It supports all body types, including URL-encoded, Multipart, JSON, etc., and you can also use any HTTP method to test your API. It also provides different authentication methods like OAuth 1 and 2, Basic OAuth, Digest OAuth, etc.

Streamlined Collaboration

RapidAPI Client helps you to work together in a team for building APIs. It provides features like cloud sync, real-time updates driven by push and pull requests, versioning, branching, end-to-end encryption, etc. This helps you and your team manage their work across multiple teams of developers.


RapidAPI Client offers three plans: Individual, Team, and Enterprise. The Individual plan is free to use, but it is limited.