Top APIs for Currency Conversion

Thu Apr 14 2022

3 min read

There are many different things that you learn in your journey of becoming a web developer. Everyone usually starts with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. As you go further, you learn about APIs, different types of APIs, why they exist, and other things. And eventually, you start building small to large-scale applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and APIs.

The public APIs are usually available on the internet for you to use. But with RapidAPI Hub, you get all of them in a single place. It is a home of more than 35,000+ APIs that you can quickly search through and subscribe to easily. All types of APIs are available on RapidAPI Hub, ranging from data to weather to currency to payment APIs.

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Let’s look at the top five currency converter APIs on RapidAPI Hub that you can use to build small currency converter web application. So without any further ado, let’s jump in!

Currency Converter

It is a freemium API that provides currency exchange rates based on the markets and national central bank data. It offers a Basic, Pro, Ultra, and Mega package. The Basic package is the free one that offers 100 requests per day.

The API offers three endpoints.

  • The Currency Converter endpoint converts one currency into another.
  • The Historical Currency Data endpoint returns the currency rate on a specific date.
  • Available Currencies endpoint returns the list of all available currencies.

Currency Converter by API-Ninja

It is a free API, so you don’t need to subscribe. The API provides only a single endpoint that takes three parameters. The first one is the currency that you want to convert. The second is the currency you want to convert to, and the last one is the amount you want to convert.


It is another free currency converter API that provides real-time, daily, and historical exchange rates for 168 world currencies against the United States dollar. It has a rating of 9.5 out of 10 and 815ms latency. The CurrencyScoop API provides three endpoints: the first one fetches the latest currency rates against the USD, the second one provides the historical rates, and the last one includes the list of currencies.

Currency Converter

It is another currency converter API, but it is developed by Not Null. It is a freemium API with its mega package available at $6 per month and 100,000 requests per day.

The Currency Converter API provides two endpoints. The first one fetches the list of supported currencies and the second one converts one currency into another.

Currency Converter Pro

This currency converter API has a 142 ms latency and a rating of 8.9 out of 10. It is a freemium API that provides four packages. The Basic package has 3000 requests per month hard limit that you can utilize when building a small converter application.

The API provides three endpoints. The first one converts any amount of one currency into another, the second gets the latest currency rates against different currencies, and the last one provides the list of supported currencies.