Top APIs For Weather Forecast

Mon Dec 13 2021

3 min read

One of the best ways to learn a new technology is to build a small application in it like a weather app. You can use any of the free or paid weather APIs available to you on the internet or you can go to RapidAPI Hub and find them all in one place.

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Let’s take a look at the top 10 weather APIs that are available to you on RapidAPI Hub.

AI Weather by Meteosource

It is one of the most popular weather APIs out there. It provides accurate hyper-local weather forecasts, powered by our cutting-edge machine-learning models.

AI Weather by Meteosource is a freemium API and you can use a limited version of it for free.

Visual Crossing Weather

This API takes a couple of parameters like location, aggregate hours to provide you with weather information. It is another freemium API and provides you with 500 free API calls per month.

It’s another freemium API that provides you with not only the weather but many different APIs. Here is the list of APIs it provides:

  • IP Lookup API
  • Sports API
  • Search/Autocomplete API
  • Realtime Weather API
  • Astronomy API
  • History Weather API
  • Forecast Weather API
  • Time Zone API


This weather API has a popularity of 9.8 and 100% service level. It is an API by Weatherbit and provides you with the following options:

  • 5-day forecast
  • Current weather data of a location
  • 1 hour / Minutely forecast
  • 120-hour forecast
  • Severe weather alerts

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather API lets you search the weather using the location, woeid (you can find this on the Yahoo Weather page), and by latitude and longitude.

Dark Sky

It’s another popular weather API that lets you search for weather information using the longitudes and latitudes of a location. You can also get information on the past weather conditions and the upcoming weather forecast using this API.

Open Weather

It is advanced weather API to power all of your business needs, from the basic to the most complex weather-influenced solutions.


This weather API lets you see hourly forecasts by geographical coordinates, get observed history by both coordinates or station id.


meteostat is a historical weather and climate data API that provides the following options:

  • Hourly station data
  • Daily station data
  • Monthly station data
  • Station climate data
  • Station metadata
  • Nearby stations
  • Hourly point data
  • Daily point data
  • Monthly point data
  • Point climate data

Air Quality

It is another API by Weatherbit that allows you to retrieve current, forecasted, and historical air quality for any point in the world.