Five APIs To Get Random Data For Your Project Demos

Mon Apr 04 2022

3 min read

When building projects, we often require some random demo data to test our applications. This guide will cover some APIs we can use for getting random demo data.

The best way to learn web development and coding, in general, is by building projects to apply your knowledge. These random APIs will get you started by providing fake dummy data for use in your projects. So, you can develop your application without worrying about the actual data.

Here are some APIs that we can use for dummy data.

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Whether you want to create a streaming application or an e-commerce website, the DBM API offers extensive dummy data that you can use to test your application thoroughly. The API has dummy data for movies, places, products, and users. The dummy product data returned by this API looks like this.

"products": [
"tags": [],
"_id": "618705bc8b76a09fc28d6b37",
"name": "Chaz Kangeroo Hoodie-L-Orange",
"sku": "MH01-L-Orange",
"shortDescription": "This is a variable product called a Chaz Kangeroo Hoodie",
"description": "Ideal for cold-weather training or work outdoors, the Chaz Hoodie promises superior warmth with every wear.",
"countInStock": 50,
"quantity": 5,
"category": "Clothing",
"categories": "Clothing>Men>Tops>Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Clothing>Collections>Eco Friendly, Clothing",
"image": "",
"price": 24,
"parent": "MH01",
"rating": 1,
"numReviews": 14,
"availableSizes": ["L"],
"availableColors": ["Orange"]

As you can see, you can efficiently utilize this data in an application to show demos and test your development.

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2. Random Stuff API

The Random Stuff APIis a comprehensive API providing all sorts of AI-based responses, random jokes, memes, anime, animal images, and more.

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3. EntreAPI Faker

The EntreAPI Faker has a long list of options you can use to get random test data. These options include dummy users, addresses, phone numbers, images, and much more.

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4. DogDummy API

The DogDummy API provides all sorts of dummy dog data for your demo and testing needs. You can search for a dog based on breed, color, get a random dog image, and more.

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5. Rick and Morty API

The Rick and Morty API is a GraphQL API that returns characters, locations, episodes from the show. You can use this data to demo your application.

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